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Kitchen Sink Scrub Recipe

* 1/2 Cup Baking Soda * 1/8 Cup Vinegar * 5 drops Lemon essential oil * 5 drops Orange essential oil Combine all ingredients. Try Lime or Bergamot also. Daily Aromatherapy Tip brought to you by AromaThyme Republished by Blog Post PromoterFree PDF Health Ebook…!

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Fruit Canning 101

It used to be a fairly common practice that is finding its way back into the mainstream. We are talking about fruit canning. You can save money and also have fresh fruits any time of the year that you want them. Before refrigeration was common or widespread, people used to can foods to store food […]

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Make Your Own Potpourri and Sachets

You can use almost anything in your garden to make an aromatic potpourri mixture. Traditionally, potpourri is a mixture of dried flowers and other ingredients, placed in open containers, like small bowls or cups and placed to allow their aroma to delicately scent the room. Sachets are usually small cloth “pillows” containing potpourri, which can […]

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Mold Buster

* 2 teaspoons Tea Tree essential oil * 2 Cups Water Add to a spray bottle, shake before using. Apply to mold and mildew, do not rinse off. Nothing works as well for mold and mildew as Tea Tree. Republished by Blog Post PromoterFree PDF Health Ebook…!

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Make Your Own Natural Bug Repellents

All natural bug repellents are becoming more common over their toxic counterparts. Why not try to make up your own natural bug repellent and see the different in the lack of fumes (some even smell really good!) and the cheaper price. Most all of these bug repellents incorporate essential oils. Tick Repellent * 20 drops […]

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How to Make Your Own Air Fresheners

Air fresheners can be expensive and many of them are too strong or have a chemical smell that’s just not pleasant. However, going without an air freshener is sometimes just as unpleasant. Garbage, pets and bathrooms all benefit from a little freshening. Here’s how to make your own air fresheners. Step #1  Decide what type […]

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Floor and Furniture Polish

Mix 1 part vegetable and 1 part lemon juice of vinegar and apply a thin coat. Rub in well with a soft cloth. On unwaxed wood use vegetable oil and lemon oil to replenish shine. Or mix three parts olive oil and one part vinegar or one part lemon juice with two parts olive oil. […]

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