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Home-Made Air Freshener

Here’s a Heloise homemade air freshener: In a spray bottle, add several drops of orange or lemon essential oil (depends on how strong you want the scent) to 16 ounces of cheap rubbing alcohol. Shake to mix, then mist the air — don’t spray directly on fabric, etc. — and the alcohol pretty much dissipates, […]

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Lavender, Orange Diffiusion

The diffused aroma of lavender and orange essential oils can make your home smell like a fragrant orange grove or sunny lavender field in the south of France. Add 10 to 15 drops of either oil to 1/4 cup of distilled water. Put the blend in a ceramic aromatherapy lamp or simmering potpourri pot. Suggested […]

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Citrus Air Freshener

* Lemon 50 drops * Pink Grapefruit 50 drops * Red Mandarin 10 drops * Patchouli 10 drops * Pure Water 4 fluid ounces (120ml) Fill a 4-fluid ounce (120 ml) mist spray bottle with purified water, and add the Essential Oils. Tighten the cap, shake well, and spray the mist into the air. As […]

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