Blood Cleanser Tea

April 17th, 2006

1 cup dried Burdock root 1 cup roasted Chicory root 1 cup dried Dandelion root 1 cup Red Clover blossoms 1/2 cup ground Ginger root 1/2 cup Peppermint leaves

Combine Herbs in a dark glass jar. To make tea, use 1 to 2 teaspoons herb mixture per 1 cup of water. Place water in a non metallic pan, saucepan, bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat and let simmer for about 5 minutes; turn off heat; allow to steep for 10 minutes. Strain before serving.

Start by drinking 1 to 2 cups of tea daily for at least 2 weeks.

Greater Goldenseal Salve

April 16th, 2006

An antiseptic salve that AIDS in speedy healing and helps to prevent Scarring. Use on minor cuts and other skin problems.


  • 2 stainless steel 1/2 quart pans or 1 cup size.
  • 10 one ounce tins.
  • 1/8 oz Goldenseal Root Powder
  • 1/4 oz Asian Yellow Ginger Powder (Absolutely Necessary)
  • 10 fresh crushed Cloves
  • 1/4 oz powdered Myrrh
  • 1 oz Olive Oil
  • 1/8 oz powdered Comfrey Leaf
  • 8 to 10 oz. petroleum jelly or Beeswax

Place oil in pan and set on very low heat. When it’s near hot-add Goldenseal. Stir well then add Cloves. Continue stirring. Let the mixture set on very low heat for 5 minutes. Place petroleum jelly in a second pan and heat it at medium until hot (but not close to smoking). (A drop of water will pop and spatter across the surface when ready.)

When hot - add Myrrh. Stir well (remember to check on first pan-it shouldn’t cool too much). Let Myrrh heat in very hot oil for 10 minutes or longer (preferably15 to 20) at low heat. Add Ginger. Let heat for 5 minutes and add Comfrey leaf powder. Stir well.

Add oil from first pan to the second. Stir and strain the entire mixture into either the first pan or another container. Now you are ready to fill your tins.

Salve will set up and be ready to use in a couple of days.

Natural Relief For Sties (Stye, Sty)

April 8th, 2006

The warm compress that most doctors recommend to heal sties can be made more effective if you soak the compress in a solution containing the herb Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis).

Steep 1 teaspoon dried Eyebright in 1 cup boiling hot water for 10 minutes and strain WELL. Soak a washcloth in the solution (as warm as you can stand it), gently wring it, and apply it to the stye for 15 minutes two or three times a day.

Because a Stye is an infection, I add one teaspoon of dried or powdered Goldenseal (you can use capsules for this, just take apart and pour in) and 1 teaspoon of dried Calendula flowers.

This blend is also very effective for Conjunctivitis (infection of the lining of the eye, or “pink eye”).

Nasal Congestion Quick Fix

April 8th, 2006

Nothing works faster to clear clogged sinuses than horseradish. The oils in this plant boost circulation in your nasal passages, which then loosens mucus.

Mix a teaspoon of grated fresh horseradish with a little apple cider vinegar or honey, and eat it on toast (the vinegar and honey take the edge off the potent horseradish taste).

Inhale deeply as you grate the horseradish; the fumes alone will start breaking up your congestion.

Naturally Healing Canker Sores

April 8th, 2006

You can once again eat spicy foods in comfort if you douse painful canker sores with Raspberry Leaf tea (Rubus idaeus). Steep 2 tablespoons of dried raspberry leaves in 1 cup boiling hot water until it cools.

Strain the tea, and then swish a few mouthfuls for about one minute each three times a day. The tannins in this tea (which tastes a little like black tea) reduce the swelling and clean the sore so it can heal faster.

Bye Bye Blister

April 8th, 2006

Don’t pop your blister, no matter how tempting it is. Doing so increases the chance of infection. Instead, dab a cotton ball dipped in plain old drugstore witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) on the area at least four times a day, says Brad Bongiovanni, N.D., a naturopath in Atlanta, Ga.

Witch hazel contains astringent tannins that dry up the fluid-filled skin and relieve pain by increasing circulation. It also contains alcohol, which is drying.

Quick Pimple Zapper

April 8th, 2006

To clear zits quickly, keep a small sealed jar of this natural topical remedy on hand (it keeps for a few months): Combine 2 tablespoons of green clay, 1 tablespoon of Goldenseal powder (Hydratis canadensis), 2 to 3 drops of Tea Tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia), and enough water to form a paste.

Apply the paste to your blemish at bedtime and leave it on all night. The clay dries up pore-clogging oil, and the Goldenseal and Tea Tree oil kill the bacteria that cause infection.

Chamomile Steaming Face Cleanser

March 7th, 2006

1 teaspoon Chamomile leaves 4 cups boiling water

Mix in a heatproof bowl. Hold face 10 inches from water for 8 minutes; follow with a tightening Mask.

Herbal Ice Tea

February 12th, 2006

Simply boil water and pour into a crack-proof pitcher. Add a handful or so of the tea blend and allow to steep in the refrigerator for about two hours (longer if desired).

Strain off the tea material and pour into another pitcher. Sweeten with honey and add lemon slices if you like. Serve over a tall glass of ice with a sprig of mint for the garnish.

Cool, refreshing and healthy!

Pain Reliever Salve

February 11th, 2006

Mix together 1 ounce of chickweed (reduces inflammation and AIDS in healing), 1 ounce of wormwood (a great pain reliever), and 1 ounce of Yarrow (an Anti-Bacterial agent that also helps to relieve pain).

Add the mixed Herbs to 2 pints of Olive Oil and simmer 3 hours. Strain and add 3 ounces of beeswax and 1 Tsp of tincture of benzion.

Test for consistency before pouring into wide mouth containers.

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