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April 10th, 2006

The degeneration of our essential organs is why most of us will die from a viral infection, cancer, a stroke, or Heart Disease! This is why we MUST address the cause of organ degeneration and help prevent us from becoming a victim of these or other preventable illnesses!

Our family of Total Balance products was designed to help achieve this in conjunction with sensible lifestyle and dietary choices. Six years ago our Research & Development department, under the direction of Prof. Dr A. Munem Daoud PhD., MSc., ND, developed a ‘foundation’ supplement that is considered by many experts to be the best in the world.

Since 1999 we have revised the formula several times in line with the latest PROVEN scientific knowledge! We are now on our 4th generation version which is an advanced professional product containing around 80 nutrients, some of which are rarely found in ‘normal’ supplements because of cost and the need to use them with a sophisticated delivery system (L-Glutathione is an example of one of these nutrients as unless it is released in the upper intestine the stomach acids render it ineffective).

We solve the problem in Total Balance (and some of our other products) by utilizing a sophisticated delivery system called enteric coating. This releases all the nutrients in the upper intestine and ensures all are 100% bio-available.

The three Total Balance versions are called:

Total Balance Unisex…which is suitable for teenagers or young adults or older women (+ 70) Total Balance Womens Plus…which is suitable for Women 30+ Total Balance Mens Plus…which is suitable for Men 30+

Total Balance Unisex

To ensure that all our customers could get the best value for money and greatest effectiveness in one product it was necessary to produce three different formulations. Our bodies need different nutrients depending on whether we are male or female and on our age group.

For example, an 18 year old male does not need to have his testosterone stimulated! However a 50 year old man may well need the appropriate nutrients to help prevent his testosterone being converted to estrogen. Likewise a women going through Menopause has different needs to that of a young woman in her 20s.

Total Balance Unisex has been formulated to meet the needs of both females and males who have no specific requirement for the special actions of our respective Total Balance Womens Plus or Mens Plus versions.

Total Balance Unisex can be taken by children as young as 12 years old and the elderly at any age.

As with all the Total Balance range it contains:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Trace minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Amino Acids
  • Neuronutrients
  • Bioflavonoids
  • Carotonoids
  • Herb extracts
  • Enzymes
  • Other specialty substances and co-factors.

Each ingredient serves a specific individual purpose as well as complementing and enhancing each other. The interaction of these ingredients has been studied at molecular level and at the various metabolic pathways followed to ensure maximum effectiveness.

All ingredients have proven scientific profiles. Please refer to the Ingredients tab above for more information.

“The restoration or sustaining of normal organ and brain functioning is the key to vibrant health and anti-aging!”

It is difficult to convey in a few short paragraphs just how unique Total Balance really is. However you can get a ‘feel’ of it if you examine the ingredient list carefully, which can be found by clicking on the Ingredient tab above.

You will find many ingredients in this formula that you are unlikely to be familiar with. For example, we refer to L-Glutathione which is essential for cell health and organ survival. As we get older we simply do not produce enough of it. It is rare to see it in a supplement because it costs more than 80 times as much as vitamin C.

Other ingredients that you may not have heard of are some of the specialized enzymes that we use which assist greatly in the your body’s uptake of many other nutrients. We have nutrients such as ATP and RNA, specialized Herbs and substances such as DIM, the active ingredient of broccoli, and so on. They all serve a specific purpose.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the ingredients being available to and assimilated by your body. Not only do we use our enteric coating process, but we test and ensure every batch meets the British and US Pharmacopeia for disintegration.

Thousands of customers in more than 30 countries throughout the world have been using Total Balance for years with exceptional long term results. If you combine this product with our Omega 3 DHA/Esters you will have a sound supplement foundation.

Unless you are taking a statin drug there is no need for you to take a CoQ10 supplement with Total Balance as we have provided all the precursors of COQ10 in the formula to ensure your body produces a more than adequate amount.

Delivery System

Having all the potent ingredients and ensuring they interact correctly is of little use if they cannot reach the cells and organs they are destined for. To ensure that they do we utilize a delivery system, which is rare for nutritional supplements but fairly common with some expensive pharmaceutical drugs. This delivery system is called enteric coating…

This system ensures the integrity of the Total Balance ingredients (in particular the active enzymes and specialized nutrients such as L-Glutathione) as they pass through the stomach. The special acid resistant enteric coating protects all the ingredients as they pass through into the small intestine where they are absorbed into the lymphatic system and dispersed throughout the body to nourish the cells and organs.

When most conventional tablets or capsules are released in the stomach there is the possibility of epithelial damage which can cause discomfort in some people. The new Total Balance tablets avoid this problem.

The net result of this delivery system is:

  • Greater potency of most ingredients due to the elimination of acid damage.
  • Enhanced potency of some ingredients, some as much as five fold!
  • Greater convenience as they do not have to be taken with a meal.

For more info on this delivery system please go to enteric coating.


Because of our quality control systems we are able to make the following unequivocal guarantee!

Potency & Content

  • All ingredients used have a Certificate of Analysis on file confirming their potency.
  • All ingredients are tested prior to manufacture for microbiological contamination.
  • All ingredients, as stated on the Xtend-Life label are present in the stated quantities.
  • A paper trail, which documents the above three points, is on file for each batch of product manufactured.


We have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Policy. If you are unhappy with your products for any reason you may return any unopened bottles to us for a full refund any time within 12 months of your purchase, LESS shipping charges in some cases. We do not charge a restocking fee to cover the credit card processing fees.

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