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Alternative healing Academy

Become a Natural Health Professional! – If you would like to learn Reflexology, Color Therapy, Crystal Therapy or Aromatherapy at your own pace in your own home, please visit the Alternative Healing Academy. We offer a wide range of comprehensive holistic health courses at affordable prices. We even offer payment plans!

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Allergy Remedies
Are you an individual who suffers from allergies? If so, you may be looking for ways to seek relief. Most individuals turn to over-the-counter medications instead of researching natural allergy remedies.

While these medications do work, in most cases, there are many individuals who are concerned with exactly what it is they are putting into their bodies.

If you are one of those individuals, you will want to continue reading on. Below, a number of natural allergy remedies are highlighted. In addition to being considered natural allergy remedies, many are also …

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I wanted to post this story that is on CNN for all of you. It raises a VERY valid point: Just who IS diagnosing all of these children with ADHD or ADD?

When my son was in second grade, I was told by a teacher that it was ‘necessary’ that he go into special ed classes – which really meant “I don’t want to deal with him or do my job and since I’m lazy, we’re going to label your son for life.”

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, please …

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We have tried to select a nice group of teas here for your consumption and use.

First, we will begin with single teas and bring to you many blends that you can prepare on your own.

Whether you are interested in brewing teas for medicinal effects or simply because it is your beverage of choice, the following herbs are the ones that are most commonly used in teas.

You can make herb teas with dried or fresh leaves, flowers, or other plant parts. In general, to make an herb tea, places the herb …

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[20 Mar 2012 | One Comment ]

We all laugh at the commercials that show kids hiding vegetables but the truth is as parents we really do want our kids to eat the veggies and not hide them. Vegetables help prevent diseases, and add fiber to our diet and much needed vitamins.

Depending on the age of your child, he/she should eat between 2 to 4 servings of vegetables everyday.

If you are finding it difficult to get the vegetables into your child’s mouth here are some fun ways of offering them to the kids.

Create fun vegetables that will …

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sinus infection

Sinus infections will be diagnosed in 32 million Americans this year. The infection can take the form of either an acute infection or chronic infection. In either case it is much more than a runny, congested nose which it is sometimes confused for. Only a health care practitioner can sufficiently diagnose sinusitis after a medical history, physical examination and possible x-rays.

In many cases the inflammation of the sinuses is caused by bacteria or fungus, both of which leave toxins behind in their wake. These toxins can be at the root …

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Natural help for vertigo

What is Vertigo?
Vertigo may be depicted as a feeling of spinning, whisking or moving that happens when a person’s balance is troubled it’s a perception that you or your environment are moving. It’s a symptom and not illness. Vertigo is sometimes linked with lightheadedness, faintness, lightheadedness, unsteadiness and disorientation.

If you happen to feel that as if you are moving, it is called subjective vertigo while if your environment are moving, it is called objective vertigo. Episodes of vertigo are generally not innocuous, but if symptoms endure, talk to your health …

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[17 Mar 2012 | One Comment ]

Winter and exercise can be hard to combine. In the summertime you were so happy to be outside, but in the wintertime, not so much. Here are a few of the finest tips for helping you beat that wintertime physical fitness decline.

Once the temperature becomes cold, we prefer to be like bears and hole up. Regrettably, if we sleep for 3 months there might be a major problem. So, rather than sleeping the winter away, how about we proceed to start moving?

It can be grueling to motivate yourself to workout …

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Adaptogens: which include Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng), Asian ginseng, Astragalus, and Schizandra, are thought to help keep various body systems – including the immune system – functioning optimally.

Take Siberian ginseng in tincture, herbal granules or in capsules. Capsule doses of 500mg three times a day. Another immune stimulant, Boneset, helps fight off minor viral infections, such as the common cold.

Echinacea: Patients primarily use echinacea to prevent and treat the common cold. The alkylamide, alkaloid, and polyacetylene fractions are thought responsible for stimulating leukocytes and increasing the release of TNF and interleukin …

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I would like to give my heartfelt thanx to Kevin Heath of http://www.more4kids.info/ for his permission to reprint this article.

It has a very strong message – one that every single one of us should listen to and pass on to our children.

The story is a true account of an afternoon discussion between Kevin and his young son – soon after a rainstorm. Read..absorb…pass it on ~Dee

The rainstorm had just ended and the boy and his father went out for a walk in the cool spring air. They both …

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Chronic sinusitis refers to inflammation of the sinuses that continues for weeks, months, or even years. Allergies are the most common cause of chronic sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis can persist even after antibiotics are given.

It’s the most frequently reported chronic disease. Chronic sinusitis can also be caused by structural abnormalities of the nose, such as a deviated septum (the bony partition separating the two nasal passages), or by small growths called nasal polyps, both of which can trap mucus in the sinuses.

Acute sinusitis occurs when bacteria invade the sinus cavities and …

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