Why Anorexia Affects Our Women And Teens

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Why Anorexia Affects Our Women And TeensAnorexia is an eating disorder that affects mostly women. This disorder causes people to become obsessed with food and being skinny. Gaining weight becomes so terrifying that they will go to about any length to avoid it.

Someone with anorexia acts irrational by eating less calories than their body requires. Sometimes this is so extreme that it leads to self starvation. Purging is another thing that anorexia can cause. They eat a meal and force themselves to vomit afterward. Anorexia can also cause individuals to exercise obsessively and use laxatives.

Anorexia is more than needing to be skinny and restricting what is eaten. It is also psychologically connected with the inability to control other aspects of a person’s life. Subconsciously, someone with anorexia might feel like they have accomplished something by being able to control their eating. They are often so pre-occupied with what they eat or weigh that other important things in life are forgotten about or avoided.