Stone Correspondences

April 9th, 2006

Aventurine Stimulates the heart chakra to aid in healing on the physical plane, place in a purse or pocket to attract money. Venus, Uranus. Joy, balance, clarity.

Agate Earth, For grounding & balance. For strength, protection and support. AIDS strength and courage. Compels truth, promotes good manners, happiness, intelligence, prosperity, longevity, Fertility, and good health. Assists in making and keeping friends, helpful to farmers and those interested in growing plants. Aid in restoration of energy, used in healing, and believed to bring wearer happiness, wealth, health, and long life. Increases ability to ward off self-induced anger and inner bitterness.

Alexandrite Stimulates sexual powers. Stimulates happiness, good fortune, sucess. Warm and loving stone.

Amazonite Regulates thinking faculties. Hope stone. Strengthens physical Stamina.

Amber Mercury. High electrical charge for positive energy. Harmonizes Yin and Yang. Reduces Fluid Retention and helps to Detoxify the urinary system. Filters germs and infections and has the power to disinfect. Worn around the neck to help fight infection and respiratory diseases. Lifts the spirits.

Amethyst Venus,Jupiter, Pluto. Eases compulsive/obsessive behavior (desire for food, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, etc) calms an Overactive Mind, increases Self-Esteem, AIDS sleep. Relieves Headaches. Enhances your mind, intuition and insights concerning practical things. Assists those to maintain faithfulness, gives wearer the gift of tongues, increases spiritual awareness, has calming and soothing influence, has ability to transmute negative into positive, very effective as a healing stone.

Aquamarine Neptune. Tranquility, sooths the heart, inspires compassion. Assists inspiration, favorable for travelers; helps to protect against accidents. Calms Nervous Tension. Calming effects of the sea. Used to help banish fears and phobias. Soothing and cleansing. Powerful aid to happiness in marriage.

Azurite Saturn. Developement of intuition, understanding and communication of Universal Law. Reduces personal Stress and Relax inner confusion. Powerful healing stone, invokes spiritual guidance, opens psychic eye. Good for dreams and improving psychic ability.

Bloodstone Earth. Physical healer, mental balancer, removes toxins from blood, combats physical Trauma, stimulates blood circulation and stops hemorrhaging. Removes emotional blockages. A talisman for warding off all accidents and disease.

Calcite AIDS kidneys, pancreas, spleen. Balances male/female polarities. Alleviates fear, reduces Stress. Increases capacity for astral projection. Joy, lightness. Chakra throat.

Blue Celestite Neptune. Opens one up to the angelic realms. For detachment, clear perspective, divine inspiration.

Carnelian Saturn, Earth. Sacred to Isis. Protective, AIDS concentration. Access to past life data. Can motivate you, and give you energy to turn your ideas into form. Stimulates the sexual/creative chakra, promotes protective, healing, peaceful, harmonious and patient energy, also eases PMS. Wish Stone, is highly favorable to health, long life, and good fortune. Its special virtue is the fulfillment of one.s wishes if the stone is worn near the heart. (Orange in color)

Citrine Mercury, Mars. Bridge between higher and lower consciousness; transmutes fear. Helps to eliminate self-destructive tendencies, enhances courage and self-determination.

Coral Venus, Neptune. Love and harmony. Relieves throat and voice ailments, balances physical Endurance. Promises a long and happy married life, protects a child from evil influences, and safeguards the teenager during the highly emotional period. Balances physical energy and relaxes tensions. Carries the creative vibrations of the sea.

Diamond Absorbs all energies. Protects the wearer from bad dreams, demons and nightmares. A symbol of bravery and strength, and also one of the emblems of innocence.

Emerald Venus. Heart stone. Great harmonizer. Love, balance, understanding. AIDS neurological diseases. Gem of hope and faith. Enhances speech and can act as a natural tranquilizer when you are worried. Promotes creativity and fertile ideas. Carry to promote wealth and abundance. Promotes creativity, stimulates perception and insight, and strengthen memory. Beneficial effect on the eyes. Also an excellent preservative against decay, arrests dysentery, and heals bites from venomous animals.

Fluorite Neptune. Opens wearer to influence of other stones. Grounds excess energy. Considered a goodluck piece. Also called Fairy Gem. Manifests innermost wishes. Promotes well being; enhances concentration and Meditation. Powerful spirit guide.

Garnet Pluto, Mars. AIDS kundalini to ascend in proper channels. AIDS circulation. Balances thyroid disorders. Balance your energy system and stimulates your desires and uplift your attitude. Can prevent fears of insecurity and even money losses. Lucky stone-lucky for love, success and Goals. Balances hormones, good for mental Depression, enhances Self-Esteem, alleviates bad dreams, and encourages success in business. Thought to assist in seeing into past incarnations. Will ensure consistency in friendship and love, preserve health, and is generally fortunate. Vitality and passion. Stimulates happiness, peace, balance, patience, inspiration, persistence, good for rebirthing, menstruation and life passages, disorders, Fertility, eases Arthritis pain.

Hematite Saturn. Grounding, Focus, self discipline. Very strong stone; absorbs negativity. Gives optimism and courage. Calming to the emotions. Helps maintain balance between body, mind, and spirit. Use for fevers, alleviates worry and Anxiety as it allows for mental clarity, known as the “worry stone”.

Ivory Protects the physical body from injury.

Jade Venus, Neptune. Cooling, water element. Soothing, healing. Promotes healing of vital organs. Used to attract love and compassion, prolongs life and enhances livelihood. A most sacred stone and a symbol of divine revelation. Brings good fortune and health to its owner. Stimulates practicality, wisdom, and universal Attunement. Thought to provide a link between the spiritual and the mundane.

Jasper Promotes healing of gastric system and balance endocrine functioning. Stability stone. Reduces your insecurities, fears and guilt. Promotes physical Stamina. Aid and comfort during periods of female distress. One stone worn about the neck and another around the waist.

Jet Pluto. Sacred to Pan. Helps to confront darker aspects of self and nature. Personal protection stone for safety while traveling.

Kyanite Neptune, Pluto. Aligns chakras and subtle bodies.

Labradorite/Spectrolite Uranus, Pluto, Neptune. Opens heart chakra.

Lapis Lazuli Venus, Neptune. Throat chakra. Stone of teachers. Clarity and ease of expression of higher wisdom. Strengthens the physical body during spiritual awakening. Stimulates wisdom, truthfulness, & psychic experiences, healing and strengthening when worn next to the skin.

Malachite Venus. Solar plexus. Emotional balance. Strengthens physical and etheric eyes. Awakens healing qualities, it is said it helps to heal mental illness. Egyptions used it for safe-guarding Pregnancy. The stone will break into two to warn the owner of approaching danger. Promotes inner peace and hope. Used as a child’s talisman to sleep soundly & protect from bad dreams. Stimulates clear vision and insight, represents hope and inner peace, believed to protect from danger. Increases abundance in all areas of life. This stone supposedly has equal amounts of negative and positive forces, thereby adding to the balance of physical and spiritual life. Used to release repressed emotions and for physical detoxing.

Moldavite Pluto, Mercury, Moon. Astral Projection, access to akashic records, wider perspectives.

Moonstone Moon. Sacred to the Goddess, moonstone may be used to enhance the feminine, strengthen psychic abilities, and increase sensitivity to natural Cycles. Regulates the pituitary gland function. Lucky love stone. Aid in bringing forth memories of past lives, carried as a good luck piece. Brings good fortune. Reflects the wearers being and feelings. Promotes unselfishness. Opens the heart to humanitarian love and hope. Good for protection while traveling on water. Gives clarity to spiritual understanding. Good for pre-menstrual symptoms and balancing to the reproductive system. Used to ease childbirth. Sometimes called the Queen of the Heavens stone. Calming effect on emotions. Eases menstrual pain, alleviates many degenerative conditions in the skin, hair, eyes, and body fluids (tears, digestive juices).

Obsidian Pluto. Transforms energy and emotions in a very powerful way. Not to be worn as jewelry. Also a powerful grounding and protection stone. Boosts immunity. Helps to prevent emotional draining from others. Protective energy glass.

Onyx (black) Saturn. Stabilizing. Mirrors all aspects of the self, dark as well as light. Transformative. Protection and keeps away bothersome entanglements. Preserves against the bites of snakes and venomous insects, and assists in bringing marital happiness.

Opal Mercury. Links physical body to higher bodies, allowing greater access to cosmic consciousness. Keep away from other stones, it will absorb all energy. A stone of hope, positive actions, achievements and love.

Paua Shell Neptune. AIDS one in accessing the subconscious for emotional and artistic inspiration.

Pearl Venus. Purity, chastity, emotional clarity. Promotes antibodies and fights infection. Stimulates your femininity and helps with self-acceptance. Give a pearl to a child to help him or her grow in Beauty, especially a little girl. Stimulates feminine qualities, used to Focus attention, helps pull together mental and spiritual forces, peace of mind. Represents purity, modesty, & gentleness.

Peridot Mercury. Creates feeling of protection, allowing heart to open. Unblocks congestions. AIDS adrenal function. Use this stone as your sun stone to prevent personal darkness from your fears and guilts. If you become Depressed or fearful , a peridot can aid in changing your attitude for it may just radiate the sun’s energy as an additional resource to guide you.

Petrified wood Restores physical energy, helps hip and back problems. Ground and secures you, AIDS in preventing work Stress. Restores your physical energy.

Pyrite Mars. Vitality, strengthening of Will. Enhances mental capacity and attracts money to owner. Has protecting, shielding aspect for physical, mental, emotional levels. Shields from negative energy, strengthens circulatory system, clears oxygen in the blood. Also known as fools gold.

Quartz Uranus. Purifier, protector, spiritual awakener. Raises Vibratory rate. Enhances qualities of the bearer, raises the vibration of other stones with which it is stored or used. Used for directing energy. Amplifies healing energy. Used to help draw out pain. Able to tap into energies of the universe. Good stone for Meditating on. Very potent and often worn to protect from negative vibrations. Cleanse regularly.

Rhodochrosite Mercury, Venus. Holds any force field. Draws white light into the physical body. Prevents mental breakdowns, balances physical and emotional Trauma, a rescue/remedy stone. Can beautifully guide you in your quest for emotional happiness. Adds courage, will, passion to the loving heart vibration. Represents love of God. Milky pink stone with definition.

Rhodonite Restores physical energy, especially following Trauma or shock, another rescue stone. Attracts or keeps a loving partner. Pink stone with black highlights -very defined.

Rhyolite Rejuvenates physical Beauty. Physical and emotional stabilizer.

Rose Quartz Venus. Self love, friendship. Promotes skin rejuvenation. Boost and build your image. Especially good if you have a weight problem, it will greatly foster your personal self-acceptance. Worn or carried for love, fidelity, peace, and happy marriage. AIDS intuition and emotional balance. Reduces Stress and Tension - cools hot tempers. Vibrations of universal love & inner serenity. Comforts heart from all wounds, helps heal emotional pain, enhances love , self-love, positive outlook, joy and oneness.

Ruby Sun, Mars. Heart Chakra. Compassion, leadership, heals relationship to father. Prevents schizophrenia. Adds energy to the body; attracts wealth, power and joy. The stone of freedom, charity, dignity and divine power. Increases vigor, renews Vitality and cleanses the blood. The stone of courage. Helps banish grief for those in mourning.

Rutilated Quartz Sun, Uranus. High electrical charge. Powerful healer.

Sapphire Neptune. AIDS spiritual understanding. Increases level of potassium, magnesium and calcium. Stone of destiny. Contributes to your mental clarity, perception and wisdom.

Selenite Moon. Soothing, nurturing, inspirational.

Smokey Quartz Neutralizes negative influences. Good for people with radiation-related illness; helps with the reproductive system, muscle tissue, and Nervous system; influences positive change. Mercury, Earth. One of the best grounding stones. Balancing. Good for calming the mind. Eases Depression, fear and panic.

Sodalite Venus, Pluto. Opens throat chakra. Physical healer. Transformative. (Blue speckled stone). Promotes a balance in thyroid Metabolism. Opens up lines of communication and helps us to develop creative ways in order to communicate. Alleviates fears, Clears the mind.

Strawberry Quartz Helps to awaken feelings of self love and acceptance; offers comfort and a sense of reclaiming one’s own esteem; especially good for healing around matters of the heart.

Tigereye Mercury, Earth, Mars. Sacred to Bast and Sekhmet. Helps one to distinguish between actual need and false desire. Reduces Headaches and Nervous spasms. Calms emotions, protects against external stresses. To restore physical energy & quiet emotional nature.

Topaz Mercury. Bridge between higher and lower consciousness. Assimulation of abstract information. Fights kidney and bladder ailments. Calms your emotions, relieves your tensions and Stress and restores your physical energy. Will make melancholy vanish when worn or carried in the left hand. Calms emotions, protects against external stresses. To restore physical energy & quiet emotional nature. Protects against Insomnia and Depression, mood elevator, revitalizes, stimulates creative thinking processes, eases death.

Tourmaline Prevents lymphatic diseases, battles anemia. Black - deflects negativity. Very protective. Lifts fears and negative conditions. Causes the wearer to be flexible, understanding and more objective in purpose and reason. Green - refines, strengthens, directs will. pink - love and sacrifice, devotion. watermelon - corrects imbalances, eases guilt.

Tourmalinated Quartz Pluto, Uranus. Promotes harmony and helps to resolve confliction elements within ourselves; deflects negativity..

Turquoise Venus, Moon. Symbol of the sky. Works on respiratory system, helps manifest spiritual qualities on the physical plane. Protective; guards against negative energy, danger , accidents; promotes good luck. Can Relax your mind and ease mental tensions, calming your emotions and Stress overstimulation. Self-love stone. Primary holy stone of Native Americans. Vibrates calming radiations, protective, and restores healthy mental attitude. Stone of friendship. Balancing and healing. Great strength and Vitality. Takes on characteristics of the wearer. It is unwise to wear a turquoise formerly worn by one who has died. Excellent for both Spiritual Attunement and healing of the energy centers and the physical body, valuable for grounding as well as for vision quests and astral travel , purifies all levels of being and is capable of handling strong negativity, also used for wounds and for damage to bones.

Crystal Reflexology

April 9th, 2006

First select a Quartz crystal which has a very good polished/smooth single-terminated point.

Then remove socks, tights and/or footwear. Instructions below are for someone giving a crystal Reflexology treatment to a ‘client’ - but this method is just as easily administered and just as effective if you are treating yourself. Also keep in mind that stimulating reflexes on the hands will work just as well as using foot reflexes - it is really your preference!

Crystal Reflexology treatments may either be done lying on a massage couch or sitting in a comfortable chair. When using the latter method you yourself need to sit on a stool so that you can place your client’s feet upon your lap. Reflexology is basically a foot massage. Or, at least, that is the way that it is normally described!

The principles of Reflexology, of course, is that the feet consist of numerous reflex points; all of which relate to specific parts of the physical body.

An ordinary qualified Reflexologist will use his/her hands to press into every one of these reflex points and when a health problem is diagnosed the client will often feel a sharp pain and the therapist will detect a small pea-like lump just under the surface of the skin.

In crystal Reflexology, however, we do not need to be quite as precise. First, naturally, we must program our healing Quartz crystal to re-balance any imbalances which might be discovered in the client’s body as the treatment proceeds.

Using the single-terminated end of the Quartz crystal the crystal healer very gently - and without pressing too deep into the skin - starts to rotate the crystal in a clockwise direction just lightly pushing into the skin.

Starting with the soles of the left foot, the crystal is moved slowly around to the sides, lightly touching the skin all the time, and then on to the upper part of the foot. All movements should be both slow and deliberate. Make sure that you cover all the surface of the foot. Then on to the right foot……

Whenever the crystal healer obtains a reaction from the client he or she will spend a few moments directing crystalline healing energy into the appropriate reflex point.

As the crystal Reflexology treatment ends the therapist takes the Quartz crystal and lightly runs it over the entire surface of the foot; on the soles and on the upper part of both feet.

As a rough time-guide I would suggest that you spend around thirty minutes per foot but naturally this is completely flexible depending upon what you find and upon the needs of your client!

Choosing, Cleansing and Charging Crystals

December 8th, 2005

I have written a lot of articles about Gemstones, rocks and Crystals for this site that describe which ones are best for prosperity, love and protection. If you look back in the archives here, you will find lots of information about Gemstones, Crystals and semi-precious stones and their magical purposes.

This article teaches you how to make optimum use of these natural allies of the spirit.

First of all, when you go to a new age or gem store, you will usually find baskets or drawers filled with various kinds of Gems. Tumbled stones are usually the cheapest and feature lumpy rounded surfaces. Points are Gems that have been cut so that they resemble a geometric shape or a small tower.

The most important thing is to pick up the stone and see if it feels right in your hand. One stone might feel somehow “better” than another. The process of feeling energy from an object by holding it is called “psychometry.”

It is very common to set foot in such shops and then step out again holding a bag full of stones that are quite different than the ones you originally intended to purchase. Don’t worry, as this is quite common. Many of us make decisions about which stone we need to heal by reading a diagnostic description and then feel a certain rock or crystal “call out to us” in the store.

Half of the time that is the remedy for the situation that you really need. For instance if you set out to buy Chinese Jade for money drawing, but instead walk out with a nice big hunk of Rose Quartz (which is more for emotional healing), the fact that you chose this stone might open your way for abundance. It could be that the Quartz is a somehow more suitable coin it may soften a “block” you have inside with regards to prosperity.

As this is not a pure science, you are well advised in this situation to follow your gut instincts and have faith in the universe.

If you find yourself attracted to a certain color of stone, pay attention as well, as it may reflect a color that is missing in your aura. For instance, an attraction to red or pink stone might represent a desire for more love and security in your life whereas an attraction to a purple stone might mean you are ready to advance on the spiritual path.

Once you have your stones, it is important to cleanse them of any energy they may have picked up in the past. Crystals are little storehouses that can collect various forms of energy and they may have been touched, handled or meditated upon before you bought them. Quartz Crystals, in particular, can just pick up vibes from an environment.

There are four main methods of clearing Crystals.

The Solar Method:

Perhaps the easiest and quickest method for clearing stones, especially Crystals, is simply to place them outside in direct sun for one full day.

The Sea Salt Method:

Bury the crystal in a jar or bowl filled with Sea Salt and let it sit overnight. Do not use the salt for cooking or ingesting or bathing in after this though. Some prefer to soak the crystal in seawater. If you live near an ocean that’s great, but you can make your own ’sea water’ by just adding a couple of spoonfuls of Sea Salt to a container of water. The best container for either procedure is glass or ceramic. Don’t leave your stones or Crystals in there more that 24 hours as too much salt can cause a crystal to start growing a limb or developing a seam. After 24 hours rinse the Crystals with water, preferably spring or distilled water.


Smudging a crystal involves passing the crystal through smoke. Usually the source of the smoke is a burning bundle of Cedar or Sage (this can also be purchased in new age or health stores.) You can also clear Crystals using the smoke from Rosemary, Sage, Frankincense, Myrrh or Tibetan temple Incense. This ritual finds its origins in both Native American and pagan traditions.


Hold the crystal in your dominant hand, or if you bought a huge one, in both of your hands. Focus your thoughts on the crystal and imbue it with the intention of freeing it of all negative influences and energy. As you hold this intention in your thoughts, inhale forcefully through your nose and exhale forcefully on the stone. The idea is that your breath cleanses the rock and makes it your own. This is an Eastern as well as Nordic tradition for clearing objects. It will only work if you do feel truly connected to the divine as you are doing it. If you easily attach emotions, resentments, or are in a bad mood, save this technique for another day.

After you have cleansed your crystal, you need to “charge it” with your intention. There are ways of doing this and you might want to use your imagination. For some charging a crystal is a simple as holding it in your hand, Meditating and pouring your intention into it.

Others charge their crystal by a stream (for cleansing), at high tide at sea (for Vitality and health), at low tide (for slowing down, Relaxation), during the New Moon (for new beginnings) or during the full moon (for abundance)

Single Crystals or stones may also be charged by placing them on a cluster of Crystals that have already been charged or on an altar that has been dedicated to the Divine in some way.

The changing of Crystals is a personal matter and it is vital to use your imagination when it comes to know how and where is the right time to do it. After you are done charging the crystal, keep it close to you, and soon you will start to notice subtle changes within yourself.

About the Author

Sam Steven’s metaphysical articles have been published in many high-standing newspapers and she has published several books. You can meet Sam Stevens at where she works as a professional psychic. You can also read more of her articles at where she is the staff writer. Currently she is Studying technology’s impact on the metaphysics.

The Power of Crystals & Pyramids

October 17th, 2005

Abundant evidence exists to show that “energy of form” is attracted by, stored in, and emanated from model representations of the Great Pyramid. Years of investigation reveal that we are dealing with a multitude of energies, even though various researches tend to give the phenomenon a single name.

The Egyptians are perhaps best known for their use of pyramid energy to protect the dead. However, for centuries pyramid energy has also been used for healing purposes.

Pyramid vibrations affect our own auras, and it has been shown using Kirlian photography that the aura is brighter and larger after exposure to the pyramids and also Quartz crystal. The Quartz crystal can produce a force field of healing negative ions while clearing the surrounding atmosphere of positive ions.

It also tends to eliminate or cancel out the effect of radiation and radioactivity. You can surround yourself with the pyramid energy by placing the Quartz pyramid on your desk or holding it whilst Meditating.

As a Meditation aid place a pyramid at your feet if you are sitting in a chair. They call this the pivot point. This will engulf you in a vortex of energy. If you use the lotus position (cross legged) place the pyramid in front of you. When you go to bed place it on your bed stand.

Feng Shui is the science of balancing or the modification of the energy in your environment. When you place a Quartz Pyramid in each corner of a room, you create a balanced energy condition. This raises the energy in your environment and helps to remove negativity thus improving the quality of life.

Placing a pyramid on your desk raise the energy around you allowing you to receive more energy thus increasing productivity. Placing a pyramid in the refrigerator keeps your food in a high energy environment and will charge your drinking liquids also. These are just a few of the different uses for Quartz pyramids. Use your creative ability and expand their use.

Why use Quartz Crystals? What is it about them above all other stones that makes them so special?

Quartz Crystals have been used since ancient times as powerful healing objects and Meditation tools, and to make medicinal elixirs. Wise adepts have long known about their qualities and have used Crystals for powerful talismans and amulets. Throughout history people have valued the Beauty of Quartz Crystals and have used them for ornamental decoration. References to Crystals are found in both the Old and New Testament, and in many other sacred teachings throughout the world.

How can minerals or stones have any influence or value? It is because there is a consciousness inherent in all forms of matter. Even rocks have their own consciousness! We use these Crystals of the mineral kingdom to aid us in Attunement with different aspects of ourselves.

Crystals have their own particular vibration of a precise and measurable intensity. This vibration attunes itself to human vibration better than any other gem or mineral. Quartz crystal is used to amplify, clarify and store energy. When you create a thought, you can amplify and clarify it by using a crystal. Quartz has long been recognized for its ability to produce electrical impulses. (Pressure on Quartz crystal generates a minute electrical charge called piezoelectricity.)

You can learn how to handle and work with Crystals to heal yourself, others, and the Earth. Crystals have long been revered for use in magick, for psychic development, and to see into the “hidden dimensions” that permeate physical reality. It is said that crystal has the ability to rebroadcast energy from the Universal Mind so your “inner self” can pick it up, granting you heightened perception. A crystal is a Focus for this knowledge and help, and it magnifies and transmits psychic energies and healing powers.

Crystals have a hexagonal, symmetrical shape. This is a basic form in geometry, physics and atomic theory, and is a universal, perfect form in the structure of matter. The energy that radiates from clear Quartz, the piezoelectric effect, amplifies healing abilities.

As a Rose has been called the most perfect representation of Beauty in the plant kingdom, the Quartz crystal is the essence of perfection in the mineral kingdom.

The use of any form of Quartz crystal will benefit you. What can you do with these Gemstones and Crystals to help yourself? Meditate with them. Place them on a part of your body that needs healing. Carry them around in your pocket. Wear them as jewelry or use them as a keychain. Sleep with them under your Pillow. Put them on your desk, kitchen table, coffee table, anywhere that you will be near them and enjoy the benefits of their vibrations. They are just like a good friend—one whose companionship you delight in. Love them. Look at them. Enjoy them. They help you by their very presence. It’s a gift they freely and lovingly give to you.

Historical Uses for Crystals

Stories of the powers and uses of Crystals and Gems have come down to us from the beginning of time. Legends have it that crystal forces “set” the electromagnetic field of the Earth so that human souls could incarnate. The most popular stories dealing with the use of Crystals date back to Atlantis. There, it is said, large Crystals were used to generate power for cities, and it was the abuse of these energies that eventually caused the destruction of this great civilization. Edgar Cayce stated that the largest crystal generator is buried under the Atlantic Ocean near the Devil’s Triangle, and this massive shift of unfocused electromagnetic energy is what causes ships and planes to go astray.

It is said that Crystals were harnessed in Atlantis for power and Surgery. In ancient Egypt they were the force that enabled the huge sandstone blocks to be positioned in building the pyramids. Built atop granite, the immense pressure of these stones activated the Crystals found naturally in this granite, creating a gigantic generator.

Crystals were used to light the inner tunnels and chambers while the pyramids and Mystery Temples were under construction. Ancient civilizations, particularly Atlantis, used giant Crystals to Focus laser light. Crystals were used to fly aircraft, light homes, heal, for agriculture, and to Focus beams of energy between pyramids, obelisks, temples, stone monuments and all grid points. Each pyramid amplified the energies to “light” Earth. Crystals were used to control weather, to attune initiates, and in radio waves for communicating with home bases in space (the orbiting Mother ships).

Crystals were used to generate energy, which was focused in various ways, not all of which were positive. The Atlanteans used an advanced form of Hypnosis in which complex detailed visuals were projected into a person’s brain, either knowingly or not. By doing this, thoughts could be influenced, as could memory banks. Near the decline of Atlantis, the dark priesthood was involved in control over others. They used crystal power to create pestilences and diseases to kill people by projecting holographically the images, fears, concepts, etc., they wanted to impress on people.

They experimented on the populace. Scientists manipulated embryos to create subhuman forms to be used as slaves. Embryo development was arrested with crystal energy and Hypnotic suggestion caused the embryos to stay more reptilian, scale-like. (Some people today are concerned that genetic engineering could be used for control and manipulation).

Crystal generators were built which Edgar Cayce called the “terrible Crystals.” Many Cayce readings refer to the use of Crystals in Atlantis, both for positive and negative uses.

Long ago it was learned that much good could be accomplished in the blood and Nervous systems. In Atlantis and other ancient civilizations, the Earth grid system or energy ley lines were understood and utilized. Crystals were employed to accentuate this energy grid system. Crystal energy was used as a Focus for other purposes also. Atlantis and Lemuria used ultrasound and other energy forms.

They used mind power by humming or “toning,” and by doing so levitated rock. Crystal pyramids were used like a laser device because they could store and Focus energy: sunlight energy. The Crystals could encode information to a higher vibration and beam information into a person. The Student could obtain the equivalent of a college Education from crystal energy.

Lemurians used Crystals underground to grow food because they were afraid of the giants living on the surface who were unfriendly and antagonistic. The Lemurians came to spend most of their time in caves, and so needed light energy to grow food. The stored energy from Crystals was the source for this light.

In times past, Crystals were used to balance harmonies in the body—to stabilize the flow of prana, to stimulate the chakras, to raise the kundalini energy. Facets of three, five, or seven were used for certain illnesses, while four- and eight-sided Crystals were used to maintain balance. Crystals of various colors—red, green, blue, Violet, white, etc., were used to heal various illnesses.

Their healing properties restored eyesight to some in the hands of adept healers. Crystals were placed on the eyelids to draw in prana and heal organs inside the body. Much later in history, the American Indian shamans placed Quartz Crystals over their eyes to help them become more clairvoyant.

The ancient Greeks believed that Quartz was “eternal ice” which came down from Mount Olympus, home of the Greek gods. The people used its natural magnifying power to Focus the heat of the Sun’s rays in order to start ceremonial fires. According to the famous Roman Scholar Pliny, who wrote in the first century a.d., they used the focused crystal heat from the Sun to cauterize wounds.

The ancient Egyptians held Quartz sacred, and carved drinking vessels from Quartz. When they drank from these cups, the water became imbued with life-giving energy. They mined Quartz, and along with many cultures began to carve it into jewelry and a variety of objects, both artistic and utilitarian.

The Crystal Ball

This unique form of Quartz found by archaeologists has been found in such distant areas as Peru, Siberia, Australia, Chaldea, Greece, Rome, Assyria, Persia, Japan, and China. The ancient Chinese and Japanese regarded Quartz as the perfect gem. The artists who carved spheres were thought to be the most capable of spiritual and artistic purity. They considered the Quartz crystal ball the heart or “essence of the dragon,” symbolic of the highest powers of creation. The Chinese and Japanese shared the term sui ching for Quartz, which means “water essence,” the source of peace and power.

Tibetan monks called crystal balls the “windows of the gods,” using them as holy objects of great power. The Taoists believed that looking into the crystal’s clarity “crystallized” one’s being, and they considered Quartz the “gem of enlightenment.” Buddhist altars included Quartz spheres as an invocation of the “visible nothingness” that delineates the duality of the material and spiritual world.

Contemplation of this “visible nothingness” gave rise to crystal-gazing, which has been practiced since time immemorial. Crystal gazers use the spheres as windows to faraway places, the past and future.

Origin of Quartz Crystal

A crystal is a beautiful, perfect form. It contains within it harmony, balance, clarity and perfection. A Quartz crystal takes over 10,000 years to form. They come from deep within the Earth’s core, and were formed when the Earth was evolving. Natural Quartz Crystals, often referred to by ancient traditions as the “veils of the earth,” frozen water or frozen light, combine the elements silicon and water through a lengthy process involving heat and pressure.

They are buried in the Earth, or sometimes in streambeds where they have washed down from higher ground after being dislodged. They are often found near gold. Varieties of Quartz crystal, sometimes called rock crystal, are found all over the world. The largest numbers of Crystals are mined in Arkansas and Brazil.

Ninety per cent of the Earth’s crust is made up of the mineral group known as silicates, a combination of silicon and oxygen, plus other elements. The simplest silicate is silicon and oxygen—Quartz crystal. Chemically, it is the oxide of the element silicon, and its chemical formula is SiO2. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. The crystal structure of Quartz is hexagonal with void spaces in geometric trails throughout the crystal.

The name crystal comes from the Greek word crystallos meaning “clear ice,” for the ancient Greeks thought that these transparent rock Crystals were in fact frozen water turned into stone. Another legend has it that Holy Water was poured out of the Heavens by God and frozen to ice in outer space on its voyage to Earth. Angels petrified the “Holy Ice” to preserve it as a protective blessing for humanity.

Quartz is the most common mineral found on the Earth. In the world of Gemstones, Quartz supplies more different varieties than any other mineral. Gem quartzes can be divided into three main groups:

Most Crystals are formed by the repetitive addition of new matter to a growing crystalline mass. Some Crystals have their origin in the magma or fiery gases of the Earth’s interior or in the volcanic lava streams which reach the Earth’s surface. These minerals, which include Quartz, are called igneous. They are formed by the solidification of this molten mineral as it cools and hardens. As the molten rock mass cools, the atoms group together to form the essential regularity that determines the shape and composition of the crystal.

Some Crystals grow from vapors in vents in volcanic regions. This type of crystal includes sulfur, and is condensed from hot mineralized gases into a solid state as the vapors are escaping from the inner Earth.

Some Crystals form from water solutions or grow with the help of organisms on or near the Earth’s surface. These Crystals are known as sedimentary minerals, and are formed through the process of mechanical or chemical weathering. Air, water, wind and ice are the main erosion factors involved in dissolving the Earth’s materials that will eventually be cemented together and occasionally crystallize.

Also, new minerals are formed by the recrystallization of existing minerals under great pressure and high temperatures in the lower regions of the Earth’s crust.

These metamorphic minerals undergo structural and chemical changes after the original formation, reorganizing the atoms and creating different textures, compositions and Crystals.

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