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Oil To Symptom List

Get your dried, organic herbs, organic essential oils, bulk spices, loose leaf organic teas and aromatherapy supplies at the place where we shop – Starwest Botanicals! The following oils may assist in alleviating the complaints featured. This is not a comprehensive list nor is it considered to be a prescription for the named complaint. Angelica […]

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Perk Up your Brain with Essential Oils

If you need feel like you are drooping and need to perk up your brain, then forget the coffee and soda, try a little aromatherapy. Aromatherapy works great for boosting the brain the natural way. You don’t have to rely on sugar, caffeine or other alternatives. You can go the natural way with some great […]

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Anti-Bacterial Essential Oils

Please follow appropriate safety warnings. Many of the most effective oils are truly not safe for use on the skin and would do better in a nebulizer. Also, please remember that all oils have some antibacterial/ antimicrobial effect, so oils may be chosen for other reasons and still be effective. As with any information presented […]

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Essential Oils for Stress Relief

Aromatherapy for natural relief of stress involves the use of fragrances of essential oils to combat stress and tension. It is one of the fast and upcoming ways to relieve stress that has found favor among many. The first step is to choose the scent that you like. This is important because if you do […]

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