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3 Essential Dry Skin Remedies

Dry skin often resembles a desert landscape: hard, cracked, and rough. This can be especially true if you’re also combating wrinkles because dry skin emphasizes their appearance. Even if your skin is only mildly dry, restoring its natural moisture allows you to ditch the desert for the oasis of soft, youthful skin. Follow the 3 […]

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Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Hair is a growth consisting of dead skin cells that are filled with a protein called keratin. (which is the main ingredient in your fingernails.) Each hair is encased and nourished by a follicle buried under the skin. Loss or absence of hair, also known as alopecia is a hereditary and unavoidable condition. In some […]

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How to Put the Glow Back into Dull Skin

Regardless of your age and skin type, you may have difficulty with dull-looking skin. If you’d like to restore some of your skin’s glow, here are some suggestions. Diet Yes, what you eat does affect your skin, and it’s a good place to start. Getting into the habit of eating a healthy, skin-friendly diet will […]

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Natural Help for Brittle Nails

Dealing with brittle fingernails and toenails can really be frustrating. Brittle nails chip, split, break, and seem impossible to grow out. There are some things you can do to help brittle nails, however. What Causes Brittle Nails? Diet plays a significant role in fingernail health. There are some dietary deficiencies that can result in brittle […]

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The Energized Facial

Ok, we’ve discussed lots of ideas for health, beauty, body care, facial care…now here’s another great technique to help you on your way to healthier skin. How To: 1) Rub palms of hands together briskly 35-40 times – you will feel the energy and heat build up. 2) Relax and hold hands (palms towards face) […]

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10 Mascara Do’s and Don’ts

Are you tired of everyone else having long, beautiful eyelashes while yours look like throwbacks from the Tammy Faye era? The secret to having long, luxurious Diane Kruger lashes is all in the mascara application. That’s right, clumpy lashes are completely avoidable! If you want long and lush lashes and a sexy, chic look that […]

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Exercises for a Double Chin

We all hate that double-chin that creeps up on is in mid-life….but, is there anything (besides surgery) we can do about it? Here’s what I’ve found: 1) Lose 10 or 15 pounds. “The single best way to get rid of a double chin is to lose weight,” says Robert Kotler, M.D., a facial cosmetic surgeon […]

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