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Using Music and Sound to Heal our Minds and Emotions

They say that music calms down the savage beast. It can likewise improve your mood if you merely require a pick-me-up. Here are a few ways that music therapy might help with conditions such as clinical depression, sadness and low mood. Depression is a disorder that impacts the brain. Dissimilar levels of neurotransmitters that are […]

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The Healing Sound of Music

Every material thing – every person, animal, rock and tree on the earth, even Mother Earth herself – has its own natural resonating frequency. The Earth’s own electromagnetic field, deep space, and people in a meditative state are all resonating at a frequency of approximately 7.8 hertz. This is called the Schumann Resonating Frequency. Every […]

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Crystals Rock Your World

by Judith Lukomski Have you noticed crystals are showing up everywhere? Amethyst geodes are the new trend in home and office decor. Magazines are highlighting advertisements touting rose quartz and tourmaline as new beauty aids. Natural stone jewelry is the rage. Reports of energetic and crystal healings are spilling into conversations with the term vibrational […]

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Recipe 911 Using Herbs Made Simple

by Jennifer Skinner Do you have a bunch of herbs and spices in your spice rack that you have no idea what to do with? Print out this handy herbal reference – you’ll never have to guess again! (All herbs are in alphabetical order) Anise: More common in the seed form, the anise plant may […]

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Color Therapy and Personal Growth

Color Therapy and Personal Growth

Colors have been used in all civilizations throughout recorded history for healing medical prolems and promoting mental and emotional health. From the ancient Color Healing Temples of Egypt and Greece through today’s Solar energy, Color Psychology and Scientific Research, the effects of color prove to be subtle but powerful. Colors For Common Physical Problems * […]

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Using crystals at home

Crystals In Your Home

A quartz crystal cluster sparkling in the window, rhodonite by the phone for patience during difficult conversations, fluorite on the computer – these are a few of the ways people use crystals for decoration, energizing, and harmonizing their personal environments. As some of these suggestions came from people who preferred that their names not be […]

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Cyrstal Profile: Aquamarine

Chakra: throat (5th) Number: 1 Keystone Aquamarine has a strong connection with water and air. The card shows the majestic beauty of winged griffins guarding the inner sanctum of aquamarine. The Griffins show the strength, power, and sense of freedom that wearing this gemstone inspires. The watery pool from which the soft blue-green crystal rises, […]

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Energetic Medicine – New Science of Healing

Interview with Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, specialist in oriental medicine, about new diagnostic technology which detects chakra function in the human body. Dr Motoyama is a scientist as well as a yogi, philosopher and priest. He is a man of many varied interests and talents specializing in oriental medicine, computing and electrical engineering who is also […]

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