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[21 May 2009 | No Comment | ]

Flower essences and aromatherapy are both potent forms of vibrational medicine. Flower essences employ the innate power of blossoms, sunlight, and pure spring water. Aromatherapy is derived from flowers as well as from roots, leaves, seeds, fruit, and wood resin. Flower essences generally contain a brandy base to keep them chemically pure and also to “anchor” the blossoms’ vibrations in the water; aromatherapy needs no preservatives. Flower essences carry no contra-indications and cannot be overdosed; aromatherapy may carry specific warnings.

Natural, herbal, non-toxic and non-invasive, flower essences stimulate positive qualities within us. They may be used …

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[15 May 2009 | No Comment | ]

Here’s How:

1. On a sunny day, go to the flower site with water and bowl.
2. Fill bowl about half full.
3. float flowers on the water, covering the surface area.
4. Leave the bowl of flowers in the area amoung the flowers 3-4 hours or more if clouds move in.
5. Take the bowl to a safe and quiet area, or fill bottles in the same location.
6. Carefully remove flowers from the water.
7. Using the coffee filter, filter the water into a clean bottle.
8. Using your colored bottle/s, fill 1/2 with vodka or brandy.
9. Carefully fill the remaining …

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