Flower Power: The Healing Power of Flowers

Dandelion : Dandelion Root can be made into a bitter tea (don’t sweeten it, the bitterness is how it works – you’ll get use to it) as an excellent tonic for the liver and blood purifier. Dandelion roots are very high in vitamins and minerals. The common dandelion is an unusually nutritious food. Its leaves contain substantial levels of vitamins A, C, D, and B complex as well as iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese, copper, choline, calcium, boron, and silicon. Worldwide, the root of the dandelion has been used for the treatment of a variety of liver and gallbladder problems.

Other historical uses of the root and leaves include the treatment of breast diseases, water retention, digestive problems, joint pain, fever, and skin diseases. The most active constituents in dandelion appear to be eudesmanolide and germacranolide, substances unique to this herb.

Jasmine : Jasmine is a bold, sweet scent. Jasmine is the greatest aphrodisiac of all. These night blooming flowers are picked at their height to bring out one of the most sexy scents. Associated throughout history with the compassionate Goddess of the Moon, Jasmine, grown along the Nile in ancient Egypt, is represented Isis, the Egyptian Mother Goddess who held the secrets of fertility, magic and healing.

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Flower Essences and Aromatherapy

Flower essences and aromatherapy are both potent forms of vibrational medicine. Flower essences employ the innate power of blossoms, sunlight, and pure spring water. Aromatherapy is derived from flowers as well as from roots, leaves, seeds, fruit, and wood resin. Flower essences generally contain a brandy base to keep them chemically pure and also to “anchor” the blossoms’ vibrations in the water; aromatherapy needs no preservatives. Flower essences carry no contra-indications and cannot be overdosed; aromatherapy may carry specific warnings.

Natural, herbal, non-toxic and non-invasive, flower essences stimulate positive qualities within us. They may be used both sublingually and topically. They have no taste other than the brandy in which they are preserved, nor are they scented. Similar to aromatherapy, they are highly concentrated. A little goes a long way.

Whereas it is important for the scent of the aromatherapy oils to enter the brain — either by way of the olfactory nerves or absorption through the skin — flower essences only need to enter the body sublingually, topically, or around the body, the energy field or the aura, in order to be effective. Since their action is not biochemical in nature, essences do not need to pass through the bloodstream.

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Flower Remedies and Health

An example of a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) that is truly complementary is the Bach Flower Remedies. That�s because you can use them with any other single or combination of therapies from conventional through the CAM spectrum.

You can use them alone or while you are being treated with other remedies. And they work on the basis that improving your emotions, to change them from negative to positive, will help the healing process from within.

They restore your mental balance to prevent disease starting in the first place or stimulating healing when you are ill.

It�s all to do with the real you. You are unique. No one else is exactly like you. You have your individual mix of genes and traits that make you react to stress and illness in a particular way.

You might fight a disease or you might give in to what you think is inevitable. You could become depressed and miserable, or carry on cheerfully.

Emotions are part of the health picture and you need to think about them in recovering from illness. And, these Flower Remedies are part of that. They don�t treat symptoms such as pain or high blood pressure. They look after personality, lifestyle and emotions.

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Flower Essences for Evolutionary Healing

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO TAKE A FLOWER ESSENCE that cleared negative affirmations held in your energy field that generations of your family had thought to be true? Or would you prefer flower essences to enliven the threefold flame of divine power, wisdom and love in the chalice of your heart chakra? How about an essence that enhances your telepathic abilities?

According to Richard Gerber, renowned author of Vibrational Medicine, flower essences have energetic effects at much higher levels and often have very different therapeutic effects than the dried flower petals or the oil extracted from the flower. A review of the literature includes a broad spectrum of uses for essences including physical, neurological, emotional, realignment of subtle anatomy, improvement of psychic development, and softening the response to anti-cancer treatments.

Flowers have been used for thousands of years for healing purposes. Most of us know that dried chamomile flowers infused to make a tea, calm, soothe and help you sleep. The oil from rose petals is created to make an extract that clears heat, stabilizes the heart and relieves irritability. When we start to utilize flowers at the essence level we juice up the wattage, we raise the frequency, or think of it as a treatment for all of the layers of our energetic system, not just the physical body.

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38 Bach Flower Remedies Plus Some Other Flower Remedies

* Agrimony- For inner torture behind a facade; awakens inner peace.
* Angelica- Opens one to the ministrations of the spiritual realm and angelic influences.
* Aspen- For Anxiety/apprehensio n; awakens openness to new experiences.
* Beech- For Criticalness; awakens acceptance and tolerance.
* Blackberry- For manifesting creative inspiration and for opening to new levels of consciousness.
* Calendula- Awakens the healing power for words.
* California Poppy- For higher intuition; assists in connecting with the nature kingdom and in seeing the aura.
* Centaury- For weakness of will; awakens inner strength.
* Cerato- For lack of confidence; awakens trust in inner guidance.
* Chaparral- Helps one to experience deeper levels of psychic awareness and perception through dreams; helps in detoxifying the system.
* Cherry Plum- For fear of collapse/shock; awakens courage under stress.
* Chestnut Bud- For repeating same mistakes; awakens awareness of life’s lessons.
* Chicory- For possessiveness and martyr syndromes; awakens appropriate giving and receiving.
* Clematis- For dreaminess and lack of attention; awakens a grounding and practical inspiration.
* Crab Apple- For feelings of uncleanliness or shame; awakens harmony and an inner cleansing.
* Elm- For feelings of inadequacy; awakens self-confidence.
* Gentain- For discouragement and self-doubt; awakens perservance and confidence.
* Gorse- For dispair and hopelessness; awakens faith and hope.
* Heather- For self-adsorption and failure to listen; awakens caring for others and ability to listen.
* Holly- For jealousy, hate and revenge; awakens compassion.
* Honeysuckle- For dwelling in the past; awakens letting go of the past.
* Hornbean- For lacking strength to handle daily activities; awakens confidence of energy and ability.
* Impatiens- For impatience and irritability; awakens patience and understanding.
* Indian Paintbrush- Stimulates artistic and creavtive expression.
* Iris- Stimulates creative imagination and inspiration; awakens artistic abilities.
* Larch- For lack of self-confidence and inferority; awakens confidence and creative expression.
* Lavender- Soothing to the nerves and over-sensitivity to psychic and spiritual experiences.
* Lotus- For inspiration, intuition and healing; amplifies the effects of the essences.
* Mimulus- For rears and shyness; awakens courage and confidence.
* Mugwort- Awakens greater awareness of spiritual influence and understanding of dreams; assists in making you more conscious of your psychic energies.
* Mustard- For gloom and Depression; awakens joy and peace of mind.
* Oak- For despair and despondency; awakens brave perservance and strength.
* Olive- For mental/physical exhaustion; awakens renewed vitality.
* Pine- For guilt and blame; awakens positive self-acceptance.
* Red Chestnut- For excessive fear and Anxiety; awakens calm detachment.
* Rock Rose- For terror and panic; awakens courage to transcend self.
* Rock Water- For inflexibility and self-denial; awakens flexibility, spontaneity and self-nurturance.
* Rose- Awakens love and inspiration; helps attune to the angelic heirarchies and the divine Feminine.
* Rosemary- Assists in controlling out-of-body experiences; stimulates mental faculties.
* Sage- Assists in awakeningto inner world experiences; slows aging process; understanding life experiences.
* St Johns wort- Opens one to divine guidance; activates ability for lucid dreaming; assists in out-of-body experiences.
* Scleranthus- For uncertainty and indecision; awakens stable desiveness.
* Shasta Daisy- Spiritualizes the intellect; assists in seeinf the entire picture.
* Star of Bethlehem- For all shocks and traumas; awakens healing of trauma.
* Star Tulip- Makes one receptive to spiritual realms and astrological influences; awakens feminine aspects of imagination and intuition.
* Sunflower- Balances the ego and awakens the inner light of divine inspiration; assists in realizing capabilities of the soul.
* Sweet Chestnut- For despair and the last of Endurance; awakens faith in darkest of times.
* Vervain- For fanatical straining and over-enthusiastic; awakens relaxation and moderation.
* Vine- For domineering and inflexibility; awakens sensitive leadership and respect.
* Violet- Attunement to the fairy realms; for awakening warmth and greater spirituality.
* Walnut- For transition and change and over-sensitivity; awakens objectivity and freedom of perspectives.
* Water Violet- For excessive pride and superiority; awakens humility and service.
* White Chestnut- For unwanted thoughts and worry; awakens quietness and Clarity of mind.
* Wild Oat- For dissatisfaction in achievement; awakens Clarity of life direction.
* Wild Rose- (1)For apathy and resignation; awakens enthusiasm for life. (2)For overcomingapathy and for intergrating the spiritual in the physical; tonic for longstanding illness.
* Willow- For resentment and bitterness; awakens acceptance of responsibility and releasing of blame.
* Yarrow- For psychic protection and oversensitivity; strengthens the aura; gives emotional Clarity; eases stress.

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Natural Flower Essences for a Centered and Confident Pregnancy

It’s normal to be anxious in the third trimester!

The third trimester can be extremely exciting as the time of birth rapidly approaches. Many parents are looking forward to meeting their baby for the first time and are kept busy preparing for the new arrival by choosing names, buying and making clothes and preparing the nursery.

At the same time, as the baby grows bigger, Mom often becomes more tired. Feet become sore, heartburn and urinary tract problems are common and sleep is more difficult.

As in the first trimester, fears may surface about your ability to care for and protect your child and there may also be concerns and anxiety around the process of birth itself - especially if you are a first time mother!

NaturalEco LastStage Essence contains pure undiluted flower essences of Hyacinth, Jacaranda, Clivia, Wattle and Morning Glory to allay anxiety and fear, improve sleeping and facilitate a quiet confidence and inner peace about the future.

What is LastStage Essence and how can it help you?

NaturalEco LastStage Essence is made from pure undiluted flower essences in a natural formula specially chosen for the third trimester of pregnancy.

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Flower Essences Can Help Your First Trimester

How can Creation Essence help you?

The pure Flower and Gem Essences in this unique conception formula have all been chosen according to their valuable properties for women who are planning to conceive.

From flowers come seeds and flowers are therefore strongly linked with fertility. This combination of flower and gem essences will balance the emotions by creating inner serenity and grounding in preparation for conception and pregnancy.

Stress, anxiety and unspoken fears may all impact on the ability to conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy. Both pregnancy and parenthood bring many emotional changes and may sometimes prove difficult and frustrating.

Creation Essence will allow you to balance your emotional well-being, remove negative energies, open up your creative life force and prepare you with a calm yet joyful anticipation of what lies ahead.

What is Creation Essence?

NaturalEco Creation Essence contains the following pure and undiluted flower essences in our unique 100% natural formula:

Maidenhair Fern improves sensitivity to the soul and encourages female intuition. Any change in direction of the life path can be smoothed by the clarity of mind and feelings that Maidenhair Fern imparts on the individual. This essence cultivates the asset of intuition and allows a deeper reliance on your own gut-feelings and the knowledge of the soul, reducing the need for external input and approval.

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Flower Essences by Sign


Mountain Pride transforms dissatisfaction into positive energy for change.
Buttercupknowing true worth, independent of cultural standards.
Hound’s Tongueseeing emotional and spiritual gifts.


Sagebrush eases shedding of elements of life no longer appropriate for
your true destiny.
Aspenfacing the future with courage and enthusiasm.
Black-eyed Susanwork with previously avoided powerful emotions.


Cerato brings trust in inner convictions rather than the advice of others.
Sage -insight into the deeper meaning of large changes.
Sagebrush helps clear out what doesn’t serve your future.


Star of Bethlehem helps closure on old chapters of life.
Wild Oat clarifies life purpose.
Indian Pink steadies commitment to your dreams despite others’ judgments.


Larkspur helps positive leadership and charisma within groups without
feeling overburdened; balancing leadership.
Fairy Lanterninner strength to face the world as a healthy adult.


Wild Oat assists in stepping into a perfect professional or public role.
Cerato defines your convictions.
Mountain Pride speaking your ideals and their expression to the world.


Shasta Deity helps you recognize the wise pattern of the whole within
the many challenging parts of your life.
Cayenne breaking free of old habits.
Walnut protection and support in making profound changes

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Flower Power: Flower Remedies

The essence of flowers is a subtle, aromatic and volatile liquid extracted from the flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, bark and roots of herbs, bushes, shrubs and trees through distillation. It is a form of vibrational healing, which works on many levels.

Flower remedies are homeopathically prepared essences and benefit a specific mental and emotional state. Below is a small sampling of the power of flowers, with there color, qualities and patterns of imbalance they treat:

Agrimony: (Agrimonia eupatoria) (yellow)

Positive qualities: Emotional honesty, acknowledging and working with emotional pain, obtaining true inner peace. Patterns of Imbalance: Anxiety hidden by a mask of cheerfulness; denial and avoidance of emotional pain, addictive behavior to anesthetize feelings.

Beech: (Fagus sylvatica) (red)

Positive qualities: Tolerance, acceptance of others’ differences and imperfections, seeing the good within each person and situation. Patterns of Imbalance: Criticalness, judgmental attitudes, intolerance; perfectionist expectations of others; over sensitivity to one’s social and physical environment.

Cherry Plum: (Prunus cerasifera) (white)

Positive qualities: Spiritual surrender and trust, feeling guided and protected by a Higher Power; balance and equanimity despite extreme stress. Patterns of Imbalance: Fear of losing control, or of mental and emotional breakdown; desperate, destructive impulses.

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Five Flower Rescue Remedy

Five Flower Rescue Remedy is a combination of essences that is used in emergency situations to stabilize trauma situations. It eases fear and restores one’s state of calm and confidence. However, it is not intended to replace emergency care or assistance. This first aid formula of flowering herbs was originally combined through the studies of Dr. Edward Bach, a homeopathic practitioner who pioneered working with subtle flower energies. Rescue Remedy consists of these five essences:

* Star of Bethlehem
* Rock Rose
* Impatiens
* Cherry Plum
* Clematis

Dosage: Ten drops in glass of water or juice, sipped as often as needed. If the person is unconscious or unable to drink the formula can be rubbed directly onto soft tissues of the body, lips, temples, inner wrists, etc.

Star of Bethlehem
This essence is a restorative remedy for calming anyone who has experienced shock or trauma.

Rock Rose
This remedy is recommended in the event of life threatening emergency. It calms the individual when experiencing extreme panic, terror, or hysteria, restoring strength and courage.

This essence remedy addresses metal stresses and tensions. It calms feelings of impatience and irritability. It slows the tendency to move to quickly without care or forethought. Calming. Allows one to deepen his/her life experience without experiencing burnout.

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