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The Power of Color and Sound

Color therapy is using light frequencies to induce healing. It may be as basic as wearing certain colored clothing, or wearing specific colored glasses to create a change in the person’s brainwave patterns. Or it may be using progressive color therapy, which involves using several color modalities at the same time during treatment. We will […]

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The Healing Properties of Sodalite

Sodalite is a member of the feldspathoid group. These minerals are chemically similar to the feldspars but have considerably less silica, forming from alkali-rich silica-poor melts. Sodalite occurs in a blue massive form which is a popular lapidary material. Sodalite also occurs as a minor constituent in the mineral aggregate lapis lazuli. Sodalite is claimed […]

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Crystals Rock Your World

by Judith Lukomski Have you noticed crystals are showing up everywhere? Amethyst geodes are the new trend in home and office decor. Magazines are highlighting advertisements touting rose quartz and tourmaline as new beauty aids. Natural stone jewelry is the rage. Reports of energetic and crystal healings are spilling into conversations with the term vibrational […]

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Curative colors therapy how to

Curative Colors – Therapy How-To

Color has a powerful influence on our body chemistry and emotions. The strongest effect is through the eyes. Colored light therapy can be produced by using colored glass or cellophane filters placed in front of light bulbs or the sun. Ideally, stimulating colors should be used in the morning and sedating colors in the evening. […]

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The History of Color Therapy

The effects of color on life must have been of great significance to early human beings, whose very existence was governed by light and darkness. Most living things appear to be vitalized by the bright reds, oranges, and yellows of daylight — and calmed and rejuvenated by the blues, indigos, and violets of the night. […]

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Color Visualization Technique

The art of creative visualization is a powerful tool for manifesting whatever you desire in life. It brings your spiritual intent forth and grounds it into your physical reality. It utilizes your physical visual sight and your internal psychic sight. It is multidimensional and what we term holographic, the process which integrates and aligns all […]

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Making and Using Color Water

This is one of the least understood and under used color methods. It seems that Dr. Babbitt used it quite a bit more than Col. Dinshah did, though Dinshah did have a small set of glass bottles that would go into his machines. There is not a lot of discussion on color water in Dinshah’s […]

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Reflexology and Color Therapy

Reflexology and color therapy have their roots in the distant past. As individual therapies, they have tremendous therapeutic value. When used in conjunction with each other, they have shown their ability to both complement each other and accentuate the healing process. Color wheel depicting color, with its complementary color The origin of reflexology, or zone […]

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