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Essential Oil Remedies for Pain

(Do you have a favorite pain remedy? Tell us about it in a comment, please!) Some of the best remedies for pain are in the form of essential oils! Helpful, are essential oils of basil, clove, camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, ginger, black pepper, wintergreen and peppermint, rosemary oils and are all beneficial for pain management. Basil: […]

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Personalized Aromatherapy Gifts

Giving Personalized Oil Blends as Gifts

If you have simply run out of gift ideas for your mom, sister, co-workers or best friend, then good news! Look no further than great aromatherapy gifts! Even if your friends and family have never tried essential oils or aromatherapy, they can certainly appreciate a nice personalized blend of your favorite scents and smells. Types […]

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Important Safety Tips for Using Essential Oils

Using essential oils is a great way to relax and feel good. You can invigorate your mind and your body with a few of your favorite oils. However, there are some important safety rules you should know before you start using any essential oils. The following are important safety tips that will ensure that you […]

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Many Uses of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree, or melaleuca alternifolia is just one of those wonder oils! This, along with lavendar are the only essential oils which can be used neat on the skin, however with all things, some people may be sensitive to this. It’s right up there as an anti fungal/bacterial/septic, fights any bugs, and also helps to […]

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The Benefits of Clove Essential Oil

Cloves come from an evergreen tree named Eugenia Caryophyllata. This tree is native to Indonesia, and the dried out flower buds are what we know as cloves. The oil is drawn out from these buds, and likewise from the stems and leaves. Clove has been utilized as a breath freshener and toothache reliever for centuries. […]

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Evening Primrose

Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

Health care is a major news story these days. Turn on the television and someone is talking about it. Whether you are fortunate enough to have health insurance or not, you are probably concerned with your health and that of your family. For those looking for alternatives to traditional medicine, you may want to look […]

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What Is Aromatherapy?

What is Aromatherapy? Aromatherapy, sometimes also referred to as aromatic or scent medicine, is the art of healing the body using naturally distilled essences from different parts of plant to improve and enhance your everyday emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. These essences are known as essential oils. What are essential oils? These oils are the […]

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Purity Ensured Through Pure Essential Oils

Scholars in English grammar would be livid at the phrase pure essential oils. For them essential oils are by nature pure and adding the expression ‘pure’ to this is nothing but being verbose. Leave apart the criticism of the scholars, in practice one can regularly come along instances when the essential oils have been mixed […]

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Eucalyptus Oil Tips

* Eucalyptus is an effective analgesic and often used to relieve muscle, nerve and joint pain. Apply a massage oil to the affected area before a warm bath, then massage the area again after your bath. I like a blend of Lavender and Eucalyptus for even better results. When massaging small areas like a shoulder […]

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