Aromatherapy and Cancer

October 16th, 2006

Cancer is a dreaded disease that appears to survive and continue to thrive despite all the money and research that the allopathic medical system throws its way. This is due in part to Western medicine’s intent to treat the disease, rather than acknowledge and encourage alternative therapies.

There is much more money to be made through the pushing of pills and toxic treatments than there is condoning a healthy lifestyle with proper nutritional counselling, vitamin and nutritional therapy, exercise, stress management and Alternative Health therapies (like aromatherapy) when needed.

What Western medicine refuses to see is that our bodies are made up of so much more than just physical things. Not only are we physical bodies, we are spirit, we are energy, we are a holistic unit that must operate on balance. It is when a body operates out of balance that the groundwork for diseases like Cancer and many others can take hold.

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