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Caring for Oily Skin


There are benefits and downsides to having oily skin.

One of the benefits of an oily skin is the ability to tan well and be less affected by the effects that the sun can have on other skin types.

Another bonus to having oily skin is the fact that you are less likely to have as many facial lines as you age.

While all this sounds great there are downsides that can affect people with oily skin throughout their life.

Oily skin tends to have larger pores and along with this is a tendency to have blackheads as the grime is caught in these open pores more easily.

And that is not the only problem that people with oily skin have to contend with, as they are more susceptible to breakouts than other skin types.

People with oily skin tend to have darker complexions.

The cause of oily skin is overactive sebaceous glands that produce too much oil from enlarged pores.

Having this happen can lead people to want to over clean their skin in an attempt to wash away the oil but this will not solve the problem.

Excessive washing will only cause the glands to create more oil and a person with oily skin can have a shiny oily look within a very short time of having cleansed their skin.

People with oily skin should always select products that are developed for oily skin rather than those they might assume would be better for their skin as the wrong formulations can often exacerbate the problems they might be experiencing.

It is essential that people with oily skin refrain from touching their face, particularly during times of exercise when perspiring as the larger pores are more prone to retaining any grime that can be transferred to the face from the hands.

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