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Caring for Your Cuticles


Caring for Your CuticlesCare of your nails’ cuticles can actually be fun and pampering. You don’t have to spend time in pain trying to trim away the overgrowth of cuticle that travels down your nails. Instead lets try some options that give you beautiful nails, and at the same time is healthy and leaves you without pain or discomfort.

The cuticle is actually dead skin that overlaps the nail plate at the base of the nail to form a seal. The nail is formed beneath the cuticle at the matrix of the nail. This seal helps to keep bacteria out of the body and away from the formation of the nails.

Another plus to taking care cuticle nail is that you wont be bugged by those pesky hangnails any longer. Hangnails are not really nails at all but rather are a loose strip of skin that is near the base or side of a finger or toenail. If you tear or peel it back it will leave a nasty sore and can become easily infected. Hangnails happen because the cuticles are in need of repair.

Instead of peeling the hangnail treat by clipping it close to the base as possible. A hangnail is your body’s way of tell you that you aren’t providing the support needed to keep your nails and fingers in the best shape. If you keep the skin around your nails soft and supple you wont get hangnails.

You can apply a skin-softening salve or moisturizer with shea or cocoa butter or one made with comfrey root. You can get these products at the health food store. You can also use a product that is emollient and thick such as Eurcerin cream (not the lotion).

Treating your cuticles and hangnails also happens from the inside out. Eating more omega-3 and omega-6 products will help your skin retain more moisture. Omega-6 is found in many of today’s baked goods or cooking oil. Omega-3 oils are found in cold water fish such as salmon, mackerel or flax seed.

It is best to never cut your cuticles. It used to be that people had their cuticles trimmed back to leave the nail bed free of the extra membrane material. But if you don”t groom them they’ll over grow your nails!

Here’s what to watch for if there is trouble around your cuticles:

  • A redness or irritation can develop if you cut the cuticles or from using household cleaning products.
  • Itchiness or blisters around the cuticle can be triggered by a chemical used in acrylic nails and some nail polishes.
  • Discolored debris under the nail or a separation of the nail from the bed are signs of an infection

Prevent problems from starting with a few simple solutions and tips to keep your nails and cuticles healthy:

  • Apply a moisturizer each time you wash your hands
  • Dont use nail polish remover more than once weekly its drying
  • Use olive oil to massage into the cuticles after each shower
  • Wear gloves when you are doing dishes or working in the garden
  • If the cuticles are looking ragged dont bite! Use a washcloth and warm water to gently rub away dead skin.
  • Dont push the cuticles to harshly. Massaging the area with olive oil first will make this easier on you and your cuticles.
  • If you use a manicurist be sure the technician sterilizes all tools or bring your own.
  • If you have an inflammation or infection see your doctor, dermatologist or podiatrist (foot doctor) for a diagnosis and treatment.
  • After any treatment to your hand or cuticle always follow with a moisturizer.

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