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Did Cardio-Klenz Outperform a Drug?

[19 Nov 2010 | No Comments | 254 views | Author: Xtend Life]
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It seems so. A customer who had a serious heart attack back in 2001 (before she became a customer) has been kind enough to share her story with us. It would seem that she was using a drug called Pletal and had been on it for a year and it was unsuccessful. However, after being on Total Balance for a couple of months and then adding Cardio-Klenz she got the results that she was looking for.

She puts this down to the Cardio-Klenz. But, it is likely to be the combination of both that and the Total Balance Premium.

What was rather disturbing about this story is that the drug Pletal is known to reduce the survival chances of someone who has had a heart attack…and yet she was prescribed it!!!

She made contact with me through the blog earlier this month looking for some advice:

This is what Nanina relayed to us:

Lipid profile; female/48 years

Trig – 136
Cholesterol -168
HDL – 40

At the age of 39 Feb 4, 2000 I had a massive heart attack with 100% blockage of the the left anterior descending. This of course left me with heart damage, my injection fraction is at 50%. I had angioplasty and a stent at that time. Two years ago I had a angioplasty and stent put in my right common iliac artery for a blockage of 99%. This did help my PAD. The doctor also put me on Pletal 50 mg 2 x daily.

I also take Niaspan 750MG ER 2 tablets at bedtime. I had been taking Lipitor 20MG, but my cardiologist now wants me to take 40 MG of Lipitor daily. He was not happy with the results of my last Lipid profile listed above. I am frustrated as the numbers seem fine to me. I do not want to take more Lipitor.

I have been taking Total Balance womans premium for two months and added the Cardio-Klenz this month. Cardio-Klenz has done what the Pletal was suppose to do, but never did. I don’t have the pain in my calf from the PAD now.

I am just wondering if I were to add Cholest-Natural if the numbers above would be better so that I would not have to increase the Lipitor? These numbers were from December, and next month Feb, I am to have my Lipid profile drawn again.

Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life‘s response to Nanina.

If it was me I would be looking at ways to cut back the statin drug based on your lipid profiles. I really cannot understand why the cardiologist is pushing for a higher dose of Lipitor.

Your problem seems to be general arterial blockage and in that regard I cannot see how the statin would help.

Should you add Cholest-Natural as well as the statin drug? It may help but it is probably unlikely because I doubt that either that or a higher dose will make much difference.

If you were going to try and reduce your dose levels of Lipitor then it would be worth using it as a means to help wean off the statin drug…but, I doubt that your cardiologist would be very happy about that suggestion.

I think that you really need to be blunt with the cardiologist and ask him/her why an increased dose of the statin is needed and what is wrong with your cholesterol profile given the HDL is so high.

I see that you are using Total Balance and CardioKlenz both of which will help you a lot…but, I didn’t see if you are using Omega 3 fish oil. If not then I would strongly suggest that you do add that product.

You mentioned that CardioKlenz has helped you. I would love to know more about that.

Nanina responds.

Thank you, I did add the Omega-3 fish oil to my next order. I had been taking another brand, but will switch when my order arrives.

My Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) improved after the angioplasty and stent in my right common iliac artery. For a year it was great, then it was re blocking right above the stent. I was again having calf pain, not wanting to do another stent since my body has a tendency to scar.

The vascular doctor put me on Pletal 50 mg 2 x daily. I researched this drug and found that those with heart failure have died taking this drug. I took it for six months and there had not been any improvement in the blockage. As a result, I decided to look for an alternative and natural solution. I started taking the CardioKlenz and found that I could walk farther before the pain started. I would stop and wait for the pain to subside and then walk on through the pain.

Now I walk three miles a day without pain.

When the vascular specialist did an ultrasound, the blood flow and the pulse on my right leg was unremarkable. The doctor believes that the blockage is gone. The only way to know for sure would be to go through a catheration, which in turns always scars my femoral artery. I know that it is either gone or greatly improved. I credit the Cardio-Klenz since that is the only thing I have added..

I will continue to stay on the CardioKlenz, since your products speak for themselves.

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