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Cardio Support – Helping Heart and Arterial Health


Xtend-Life Cardio Support is a newly developed micro-nutriment designed to help artery and heart health.

Many heart attacks and strokes occur because of hardening and narrowing of the arteries due to the build up of plaque and fatty deposits within them. This build up of deposits provides an environment in which it is more likely an aggregation of platelets in the blood will clot together and cause a blockage.

Cardio Support has been formulated to help:

* Reduce circulating fat in the arteries.
* Break down the plaque gradually and dispose of it.
* Reduce aggregation of platelets in the blood.
* Smooth the interior of the arteries to improve blood flow
* Stabilize blood pressure

It is these multi action abilities of Cardio Support that differentiates it from other natural ‘heart’ formulas. For more information on heart and artery health please refer to our Health Conditions section.

No other formula covers so many ‘angles’ to manage and protect your cardiovascular system, and yet it is still natural with no known side effects.


For example, the ingredients that we are using in Cardio Support have been shown in clinical data to:

* Increase antioxidant protection (to inhibit free radical damage)
* Reduce calcium build up
* Decrease homocysteine toxicity
* Balance LDL and triglyceride levels…
* Increase circulatory strength and heart muscle function!

In addition, the combination of the ingredients may help increase oxygenation, strengthen the heart and surrounding vessels and reduce hypertension, angina and arrhythmias – all precursors of potentially fatal heart events.

If you are at high risk of cardiovascular disease, suffer any heart-related symptoms, are concerned for your heart health, or simply want to protect yourself for the future…..try Cardio Support. Your heart and arteries will thank you for it.


Cardio Support has 29 precise bio available compounds, all of which play a specific role in helping achieve the desired results.

The individual ingredients are thoroughly researched before inclusion and only the correct form of each is used. For example, we only use a special form of bio available ‘reduced’ iron which will not oxidize in the body like the form of iron used in most supplements.

Because we use SAMe and L-Glutathione we ‘seal’ in the goodness of all the nutrients by enteric coating the tablet which enables them to be released only in the upper intestine instead of the stomach where they would be converted to less potent forms.

The Facts

Xtend-Life Cardio Support has been developed without any compromises.…

As with all our formulas, we focus on the most effective ingredients without consideration of their costs. Our objective is quite simple.

* We want the product to work for the overwhelming majority of users!
* We will not cut corners or costs as that may defeat our objective.
* No ingredient is used unless it has been proven scientifically to be safe and effective.


All ingredients are assessed at molecular level to ensure synergy, safety and effectiveness. This is crucial because when some ingredients are combined they will help create other substances in the body.

Delivery System

This is crucial! Without a good delivery system a supplement is rendered useless. Many supplements will pass through the body with the active ingredients never being released. Other supplements will lose their efficacy when active ingredients are released in the stomach and they are converted to less potent ‘salt’ forms by the hydrochloric acid present in the stomach.

Cardio Support uses enteric coating to ensure that the active ingredients reach the liver via the blood stream for distribution to various body organs and cells.

All batches of Cardio Support are tested to ensure that the technology is working. These tests are carried out in accordance with specific disintegration protocols as set out by the US and British Pharmacopeia.

Cardio Support can be combined with other Xtend-Life products for complete overall general health and essential organ care

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