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Cancer Treatment Testimonial Alternative Holistic Health Care

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  • kingkegs said:

    @attorneydestroyusa we get free health care in canada

    • authorgirlpetparent said:

      See my YouTube page for links to the book that explains it all

      • Taspearl said:

        @authorgirlpetparent: How did you do it?

        • attorneydestroyusa said:

          What do you mean the doctors didnt have any answers for you??? They didnt know how much they were going to charge you to keep you halve alive so their families could live it up on your money??!!

          • HolisticPlantHealth said:

            Proven in laboratory dishes but not willing to test on humans or animals!
            A purified and concentrated form is RICK SIMPSON’S CANCER CURE HEMP OIL!!
            Rick Simpson’s Cancer Cure Hemp Oil is Cannabis extract full of Cannabinoids including THC.
            Google “pubmed” on the punmed site / Enter words “Cannabinoids Cancer” … 568 articles!

            Phoenixtears ca

            • HolisticPlantHealth said:

              Cannabis Cures Cancer
              Google : Run From The Cure
              Google: Rick Simpson
              “More recently, scientists reported that cannabidiol, one of the chemicals found in marijuana, slows growth of breast cancer cells growing in laboratory dishes. However, this substance has not been tested in humans or even in animals that have cancer yet. Cannabidiol levels in marijuana are low, so any benefit from this compound would require use of a purified and concentrated form.”

              • mingin001 said:

                ummm so what is it this place did 4 u they tested u wow?

                • authorgirlpetparent said:

                  My dog was diagnosed with cancer at age 8 and given 6 weeks to live w/o chemo, radiation & amputation. Instead, I implemented a purely holistic approach. Within 4 months, she was cancer-free and she thrived for an additional 11 years to the age of 19.

                  • williambrown007 said:

                    Well if this person survived four cancer, its possible he or she could survive the fifth. Having the right mind is the right medicine.

                    • dirtball1100 said:

                      Watch this video (Run from the Cure)

                      If you know someone with cancer please have them watch this video. They can then decide what treatment they want to go with. Lifesaving medicine.

                      Peace and good health

                      • dream2last said:

                        you are very pretty!

                        • lungcancercure said:

                          It’s a beautiful place with a beuatiful mission.

                          • bodidnt said:

                            The only thing proven here is your ignorance, proven by your words.

                            • bodidnt said:

                              By your words, you prove your ignorance.

                              • bodidnt said:

                                We should treat others the way we want them to treat us. I hope you never get cancer.

                                • lookyeahhohon said:

                                  I am sure you Aunt is now enjoying herself in heaven. thanks for you kind words and keep your faith up.

                                  • cassie9160 said:

                                    My Aunt died a week ago from Cancer and she had been fighting it for several years. At first she did chemo and radiation and almost didn’t make it, then she used minerals and they shrank the size of the masses. We prayed and she got better for about five years. It was truly a miracle for us to have her in our lives for that much longer. We traveled and sang gospel and spread the good news to churches and she was a wonderful blessing. I am very glad to have had the benefit of talking to you.

                                    • lookyeahhohon said:

                                      thanks for your encouragement, i personally have seen miracles in my life. I am not bothered by any kind of attack from satan through people for those people do not really know what they are doing. That said, i am still a sinner and constantly need forgiveness from God. God bless you.

                                      • cassie9160 said:

                                        you are absolutely right. People are so self absorbed and full of hate because sadly enough they never learned to believe in anything but how to play video games and hate eachother if they have a different view. Must not even respect selves if they are this rude to you for your beliefs. Feel sorry for the moron, just look at their screen name, it tells where their priorities are. You are ok.

                                        • annabananabobaloo said:

                                          i have had great luck finding good stuff online for holistic care online at
                                          caycecures . com
                                          they have a helpful staff and an awesome selection of vitamins and holistic remedies

                                          • lookyeahhohon said:

                                            yeah..God was supposed to create a perfect a world for us where this is no pain, no suffering, no illness, no evils, no hate…but i thought that was called heaven. If there is really a place called hell, you and i are living in it. God didnt create this, we created it with the help of Satan.
                                            God bless you.

                                            • drug said:

                                              I’ve heard that DCA, black tea and B vitamins works wonders on many types of cancers.

                                              I’ve also heard Ganoderma mushrooms can also help with the healing process.

                                              • drug said:

                                                Yea, just like noone ever cured the plague or smallpox, right? Because God stopped us from doing that, NOT!

                                                Take your god and shove it lookyeahhohon.

                                                • happinessinsatanmj said:

                                                  RUN FROM THE CURE!!
                                                  there is so much evidence. I want to see if it really does heal scar tissue but damn thats alot of pot

                                                  • Fastlan3 said:

                                                    RUN FROM THE CURE – The Rick Simpson Story

                                                    Just try it!

                                                    Hopefully this girl is even part of this video and will see what people are saying.

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