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Can Thinking Manage Stress?

[5 Jun 2012 | No Comments | | Author: ]
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We would all like to see our stress just disappear like magic, but those of us who are practical realize that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. There are many stress management techniques individuals can use to help protect themselves from the effects of stress on the body, mind and emotions. Have you ever thought about whether or not how or what you are thinking can manage stress?

You have probably realized that how you react to a situation can create additional stress or dissipate it but have you imagined that your patterns of thinking may be able to have an impact on how you manage stress? Some people are overly critical of themselves and perhaps others and they have a negative way of thinking about things, about people and about themselves.

Negative thinking can and does influence the intensity of stress and the amount of unhappiness that we associate with the stress in our lives. Negative thoughts about what is happening to us can have a damaging effect on our self-confidence and our self-image. Negative thinking can also distract us from finding real solutions to the problems that stress us out.

If negative thinking can have a damaging effect on the way we handle the problems in our lives what might positive thinking do for our ability to manage stressful situations?

Self-talk (the thoughts that run through your head) can be either negative or positive in nature. They are automatic thought and can come from logic and reason or from misconceptions that we have created due largely to misinformation. Individuals who have mostly negative thoughts in their head are more likely to have a pessimistic outlook on life and are likely to handle stress in a negative fashion. An individual who has mostly positive thoughts in their head are much more likely to be an optimistic individual that is much more likely to be able to manage the stress in life in a positive and healthy manner.

Researcher believe that those of us who practice positive self-talk benefit in healthful ways which include having greater resistance to colds and flu, having improved general over-all health, a reduction in the risk for heart disease, easier breathing should you be an individual with lung issues such as asthma and also the ability to cope better when faced with stress.

It stands to reason that if our brains control all the functions of our body that thinking can control how we manage stress. We have many choices in life and how we think is one of them. Given the choice, most people should pick to think in positive ways especially when they discover that there are health benefit to doing so.

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