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Can Food Additives Contribute to Hyperactivity in Children?

[27 Apr 2011 | No Comments | | Author: ]
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What induces hyperactivity? In children, we believe that it’s merely a part of their age. Being 3 or 4 means that you’ll be wound up like the Energizer bunny. But, could their diet be adding to their problem?

When folks hear hyperactivity, they often think of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). It is true that hyperactivity is a component. It causes a kid to be active even at times when they do not necessarily need to be active. It might lead to blowups in class, uncontrolled movements and irritability.

Wanting to keep still and not being able to do it might lead to troubles inside your youngster, as they battle versus a body that seems to betray them.

The Link between Food Additives and Hyperactivity

Dr. Feingold is known to those who have kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He’s developed a diet that’s been known to help these youngsters. His diet eliminates around three hundred food additives in an effort to reduce behavior issues. His diet does demonstrate that some kids were able to be helped by eradicating certain foods. It bears noting that these patients were also demonstrating sensitivities to different substances.

Because food additives are largely synthetic, it’s difficult to predict how they’ll bear upon somebody. A few studies have demonstrated that parents noticed alterations in disruptive behavior in kids who were drinking a fruit juice that contained food additives as unlike those who drank 100% juice or a placebo. When the food additive was removed, the kids hyperactivity was kept down. What the study did not demonstrate was a marked increase in hyperactivity from past levels when the food additive was re-introduced.

In normal life, a youngster will be exposed to more than one food additive at once. There are additives in beverages, meats, and side dishes. Exposure to more than one additive might increase hyperactivity. Only, does it increase it enough to be meaningful?

What Dr. Feingold advocates is getting rid of certain food additives and seeing if there’s an improvement in behavior. If so, then these eliminated foods are re-introduced until a single food culprit is discovered.

Food additives do bear upon kids but perhaps not to the extent that doing away with them will bring down hyperactivity. In conjunction with diet and medicine, ADHD kids received the most benefit and reduced hyperactivity.

While research is still being finished, parents of kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder might want to try modifying their diet in an attempt to help bring down symptoms. This does not mean taking away all of their preferred foods that their friends eat, but scaling back the food additives – especially ones that have been deemed most harmful to not only kids but everybody.

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