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Calendula Oil Recipe


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Here’s How:

1. Bruise fresh calendula flowers by scrunching them or rolling them in your hands.
2. Pack a glass jar full with the bruised flowers.
3. Cover packed flowers with olive or sesame oil.
4. Cover with a tight lid.
5. Store jar in a dark cupboard and shake the jar well every day for 2 weeks.
6. After 2 weeks, strain oil through a cheese cloth into a clean glass jar or bottle.
7. Add tincture of benzoin or vitamin E to help preserve your oil.


1. Do not use metal or plastic containers.
2. Dark glass would work best for your final bottling.
3. You may use dried calendula flowers if fresh are not available.

What You Need:

* Calendula flowers
* Olive or sesame oil
* Glass jar with lid
* Cheese cloth
* Benzoin or vitamin E
* Clean glass bottle

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