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How to Calculate Your Risk for Diabetes


Knowing your risk for Diabetes is in your best interest. This chronic disease kills millions every year. The complications can include limb amputation, blindness, problem pregnancies and loss of feeling in limbs. While the condition is manageable, Diabetes will completely change your life and increase your risk for other diseases.

Type 2 Diabetes is beginning diagnosed in record numbers in the United States. The typical lifestyle that is led in this country does not promote health and exercise and we are paying for it. If you are concerted about your risk of getting Diabetes you should get a screening.

The American Diabetes Association has a very useful screening tool on its website. You can type in information about yourself and see what your Pre-diabetes risk is. Your race, weight and activity level play a big part in your risk. However an online test will not give you accurate results. You will need to see a health care professional if you want to know exactly where you stand when it comes to Diabetes.

Stay on top of your Diabetes risk. Reassess your risk every couple of years and live a healthy lifestyle. Know your blood pressure, Body Mass Index and stay active. Although certain races seem to be more susceptible to Diabetes, this may be more about lifestyle and diet opposed to race itself. Do not think that you are out of the Diabetes risk categories just because you are not African-American, Latino, Native American, Asian American or a Pacific Islander.

About 20.8 million people in the U.S. have Diabetes and do not know it. They could be stopping some of the damage that is being done to their body if they begin treatment now. Having a yearly physical will help you keep track of your risk for Diabetes and other diseases. Prevention is the best treatment for Diabetes.

There are factors you can not change when it comes to Diabetes risk but there are several that you have complete control over. If you are a smoker you are putting yourself at undue risk. In addition to smoking being just plain bad for you it raises cholesterol levels and fats in your blood which can contribute to high blood pressure.

High blood pressure tends to go hand in hand with Diabetes because smokers are less likely to be taking care of themselves in other aspects of their lives as well. Smokers generally don’t exercise as much as non smokers because they can’t breathe well enough. So it could be said that smoking actually increases two factors that lead to Diabetes, high blood pressure and inactivity.

High blood glucose levels can also be controlled. Some of the things that increase blood glucose levels include high carbohydrate meals, infections and illnesses and stress. Eating meals that are balanced and based on the American Dietetics food pyramid can help ensure that you are getting proper nutrition. This will help you keep a strong immune system to fight off infections and illness and moderate the amount of carbohydrates you get in one meal setting.

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