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When Burnout Becomes the Center of Your World


Emotional BurnoutWhen a person becomes emotionally or physically exhausted they might be dealing with burnout.

Most of the time this is caused by work or a task that has become overwhelming (like taking care of children or a family member that is too old to take care of themselves anymore).

Burnout causes you to lose interest in all the activities you once enjoyed and you are no longer enjoying life but going through the motions.

Motivation becomes extremely hard to find. Often, the repercussions can be felt at work.

People dealing with burnout become less effective at their job and going to work steals most of their energy. They are likely to be resentful, powerless and to have lost all sense of hope.

If you think you are dealing with burnout then it is a good idea to go talk with a doctor or psychologist. They can easily tell if you are dealing with it by asking a battery of questions and taking a careful look at the daily events in your life.

Certain professions carry a higher risk of burnout. Typically, if a person is working in the service industry they are required to be more dedicated to work than others. These include (but are not limited to) police, firemen, teachers, doctors and social workers.

Symptoms of Burnout

There are many symptoms that are often associated with burnout. Keep in mind that you could be dealing with it but not really see any of these symptoms in yourself. Everyone deals with it differently.

Common symptoms include: Lack of energy, thoughts of suicide, depression, loss of interest in work, hopelessness, headaches, recurring sickness, unexplained pains (commonly in the back), stroke, chest pains and heart attack.

Causes and Treatment of Burnout

Most of the time, burnout is a direct result of stress. Our bodies can only deal with so much stress and eventually it gives way.

If you work really long hours or don’t spend enough time relaxing after work you can be facing career burnout very quickly. Relationships that are demanding or complicated also have a tendency to lead to burnout.

There are many prescriptions available that can help deal with the symptoms of burnout. A doctor is likely to give you either an anti-depressant or sedative. This should be in conjunction with talk therapy so that you can attack the problem at it’s source rather than simply covering the symptoms with medication.

If you are leery of prescription medication then there are several natural remedies that you can try. St. John’s Wort, Scullcap, Passiflora Incarnata and Valerian are all good at helping you to relax.

They do not have any of the side effects that you encounter with prescription medications. Talk with your doctor should you choose to go this route.

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