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Boric Acid and Sulfate for Pink Eye


Pink eye is an inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye. It is really more of a nuisance than a danger unless it remains untreated. It doesn’t usually rob a person of their eyesight but it does have several different causes which can have more significant health effects.

For instance, pink eye can be caused from allergic reactions, environmental toxins, bacteria or viruses. In each instance the treatment would be different and there would probably be preventative measures that should be used to help prevent the condition from happening again.

Pink Eye, or conjunctivitis is an irritation to the eye which makes the white of the eye and the eyelid turn pink or red. Treatment for this condition takes on several different forms from antibiotic ointments or eye drops to natural remedies and preventative measures such as getting rid of the irritant (allergic) or hand washing (bacterial or viral).

One of the treatments that could be recommended by your physician is sulfate for Pink Eye. The sulfate comes most commonly in the form of Gentamicin Sulfate eye drops. This treatment is used commonly for those infections caused by bacteria such as S. aureus, Staphlycoccus, S. pneumonia and Klebsiella. In fact, most bacteria which cause Pink Eye are susceptible to Gentamicin sulfate eye drops.

The negative effects of using these eye drops is that they burn with application. And, since most people who suffer from Pink Eye are children, administration of the medication can be a bit tricky when the child is squirming and screaming with each administration.

A better, and still effective treatment, is the use of antibiotic eye ointments. These treatments have a tendency to cloud the vision for a short time while after they reach the eye but they don’t burn and aren’t uncomfortable for the patient.

Many of the people who suffer from Pink Eye also find that the condition causes their eyes to itch and burn. There are several folk remedies that have been used for years to help reduce the itching, burning and stop the infection. These remedies include Castor oil, Barberry tea, baking soda, artificial tears and boric acid.

Before trying any remedy you should always check with a holistic practitioner, ophthalmologist or physician. Some of the folk remedies, while having been used for years, also have a history of causing damage to the sensitive tissues of the eyes.

One such remedy is the use of Boric Acid. Boric acid for Pink Eye has been recommended as eye drops or to help clean and soothe the outside of the eye. To prepare, make a solution of 1 quart of boiled water and 1 tablespoon of boric acid allow this mixture to cool.

Boric acid for Pink eye is a safe and effective means of cleansing the outside of the eye and to help soothe the eye lid. However, it should never be used as an eye wash or on the inside of the eyes because of the risk of boron toxicity.

Fortunately, immediate medical attention will address the itching and burning associated with Pink Eye quickly and safely. Children may find a cool boric acid solution wash soothing in the first 24 hours to help clean the eye lids and soothe the skin irritation but once the antibiotic has begun working even these issues disappear quickly.

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