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Blend for Muscle Pain


* 2 drops lavender
* 2 drops rosemary

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Add 2 drops lavender and 2 drops rosemary oil to 4 teaspoons of massage oil base (or any plain base/carrier oil). Use for a gentle body massage.

Immediate Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

Attack pain at its source with Forces of Nature’s breakthrough muscle pain treatment.

This 100% Certified Organic, Medicinal Grade Treatment:

* Heals and repairs damaged tissue to prevent the pain from recurring
* Uses a unique blend of an unprecedented five, homeopathic remedies
* Penetrates deeply to provide thorough and quick relief
* Cuts through the fatty tissue to saturate the source of the pain
* Is enriched with strong antiseptic and analgesic essential oils
* Offers a safe and effective alternative to other habit forming drugs
* Is a certified organic formula that is both FDA registered and USDA certified

Muscle pain can be treated topically and/or internally. Often times, internal pain medications have been proven to be highly habit forming if taken over prolonged periods of time.

Forces of Nature Muscle Pain Management treatment is the only safe, non-habit forming, 100% certified organic, topical relief that treats both localized and systemic muscle pain in the body.

Be smart about what you put into your body.

Muscle Pain Management is Certified Organic. This is proof positive it contains no toxins, chemicals or pesticides.

When you are treating any ailment the last thing you want to do is expose your body to any chemicals as this further stresses your system. When you are in need of treatment the last thing you should use is low quality homeopathics or chemical-laced medicines that may have unwanted side effects.

Learn more about Muscle Pain Management now.
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