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Bleeding Disorders: Clotting

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Clotting is a very important part of your blood function. If you have bleeding disorders, such as abnormal clotting, then you can actually bleed to death. On the other hand, if your blood clots too much, then the clots can block blood vessels, causing blockages. Here is a closer look at blood clotting and disorders caused by abnormal clotting.

What is clotting? The medical term for blood clotting is called “hemostasis”. Hemostasis is the way the body reacts when it is injured. Or, to put it in another way, if you are injured, hemostasis will stop the blood vessels from bleeding.

The blood will clot and the bleeding will stop. In a normal healthy person, this function is quite simple and will help the body heal faster. However, clotting disorders are quite common. A body can either clot too much or not enough. Abnormal clotting can cause lots of medical problems.

Blood Clotting Problems: It is critical that you have good clotting function in your body. When clotting in the blood vessels is poor, then your blood vessels can become clogged. Imagine a small piece of ice getting stuck in a straw. The straw is the blood vessel and the ice is your blood clot.

Clogged vessels in any part of your body can led to strokes, heart attacks and vein problems associated with the veins in your legs, abdomen and other parts of the body. These clots can dislodge and travel to the heart, lungs or brain and may cause immediate death. There are many people that survive strokes, but many times, these people have impaired vision, brain function and body movement.

If you see your doctor on a regular basis, or have a history of blood clotting disorders, a doctor may prescribe a blood thinner to help reduce the clotting, thus reducing your chance of developing deadly blood clots in your body.

Lack of Clotting:  Besides having the problem of clotting too much, you can also suffer from thin blood, or lack of clotting. This is another problem that many people deal with and needs to be supervised by a health care professional. Those that do not have enough clotting can lead to excessive bleeding.

There are numerous factors that can cause thinned blood. Taking certain medications can cause your blood to thin. Anemia can also cause excessive bleeding, as can hemophilia. Symptoms of excessive bleeding caused by these bleeding disorders include bruising easily, headaches, dizziness and a pale complexion. These disorders can be caused by problems associated with problems with the blood vessels or the blood itself.

Risks of untreated blood disorders due to clotting may include vision loss from bleeding into the eyes, chronic nose bleeds, psychiatric problems such as depression, scarring of the joints and various forms of joint diseases, and even death.

It is critical that any problems associated with blood clotting undergo medical treatment. Some people may inherit blood disorders while others may develop blood disorders caused by prolonged use of certain prescriptions and drugs.

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