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Birthmark Types and Their Treatment

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When you’re a baby, the thing parents search for after checking for 10 fingers and toes is a birthmark. Just about everybody has one but all aren’t obscure. If you have a birthmark, here are a few common types you may recognize.

Birthmarks have a few sources. First, many are induced by arteriovenous malformations. Blood vessels form abnormally and that causes an impression on the skin, or just beneath it, to be seen. Many are induced by troubles with the lymphatic system, where problems with the vessels result in swelling under the skin. When the problem happens within the skin, you acquire birthmarks that are flat or even upraised.

Types of Birthmarks

* Hemangiomas – These look red in color and are caused by blood vessel issues beneath the skin. They occur most likely on the face and neck. They’re typically discovered at birth up until around eighteen months. Through childhood, they start to fade away. When they don’t, a problem does not happen unless they start to jeopardize vision, breathing, hearing or heart function depending upon where they’re situated. A doctor can remove them surgically if they’re life-threatening.

* Port wine stain – These are found everywhere on the body, but are typically discovered on the head and neck region. They look red to purple in color (depending upon skin tone). Port wine stains do not fade with time and can be either flat or upraised. Laser treatments have been utilized to help lighten them from visible spots like the face. These treatments might also help shape the skin for upraised stains.

* Macular stains – this is among the most common types of vascular birthmarks. They generally occur on the face area or the back of the neck. On the face, they’re called “angel kisses” on the eyes and forehead. On the rear of the neck, they’re named “stork bites.” They typically vanish during infancy.

* Nevi – these are raised or hairy moles that come about at birth or shortly afterward. They may come about on any region of the body. Moles are a cause for worry and are usually monitored for alterations in color, borders, bleeding and size. A doctor can get rid of them and test to check if any are cancerous.

* Pigmented birthmarks – this type includes café-au-lait spots and Mongolian spots. They’re discolorations on the skin that come about on the buttocks or other regions of the body. Café-au-lait spots are generally light brown or tan. Mongolian spots are blue, resembling a bruise. They both will fade as the baby gets older with no medical intervention.

Birthmarks can occur anyplace on the body. They’re caused by skin discoloration and likewise abnormalities in vessel formation below the skin. Most will fade, but those that don’t might necessitate medical aid.

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