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Bija Mantra Meditations and Chants


The theory and art of using bija mantras is taught in the Bija Mantras Of The Spinal Chakras instructional video and in the book Music And Sound In The Healing Arts.

Balancing Earth with Air (For Clarity of Thought)
a (ah) cham sha

a (ah) cham sha ai ba jam jam sa (shaw) tham s (sh) va

Increasing Fire, Reducing Air, and Warming Water (For Digestion)
j tha ra

c(ch) da(day) jam ta ta la pha s(ss) na(nay) r na ta na pa
ma jam pha ya

Expanding Ether (For Loss and Grieving)
Meditation for quality space
i e s (ss)

e sa e sa m

ai ai u (uh) c(ch) a (ah)
ai ai u c a
ai ai u c a
na va na va m (om)
i j i j m (om)

Balancing Earth and Fire (For Inner Warmth and Calm)
e da e da va sah

h da na va e sa e sa ta pha nam dha (dhay) sha va
e sha va e sha va pha kam dha sa s va s va

Balancing Earth (For Grounding)
e sah va

h sah e
va sa(shaw) la
sa na
e va e va sa(shaw)
ai sa (shaw) sa (say)
m sha va

Balancing Ether, Fire, and Water (For Creative Dreaming)
a (ah) ta ma s (ss)

s (ss) s (ss) e j
ta dha (dhay) ta dha (dhay) na la
e sha la da bha jam jham
s (ss) s (ss) pa ya la ya la
m (om) nam (am) ra tha

Balancing Water and Fire (For Balanced Sexuality)
j na (nay) ba

r da ma da ma da ma
e ta la ta la ta la ta la
pa sa jham da(day) ya da(day) ya
s(ss) pa s(ss) pa s(ss) pa
u(uh) ma la sa(say) pa
e ta e ta la ra s(ss) dah

Balancing Fire with Air (For Motivation and Healing Ulcerations)
au kam da (day)

da dha (dhay) s (sh)
da dah s
cham cham cham
h ta r tham
h ta r jam
h ta r nam pa
sa pa va e tham da

Balancing Air and Water (Spritiual Awakening)
o tham ya

i kam cham jam tam la
e bha i cham va
ta cham jam tam ma
u kam s ya ya gham cam

Balancing Air (To Slow Down Rapid Thinking & Reduction of Joint Pain)
h gam jham

e jham e jham na
e tam jam gham
ajham e jham pa

ai sa va kam
e nam sa jham

e jham ejham s(sh)

Balancing Earth (For Shock)
ai na va

e sa(say) va
cham la va
o dha e sa(shaw) ma la
s(sh) sa(say) pa cham sah va
sa (shaw) va sa (shaw) v

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