Benefits of Vision Training

Benefits of Vision TrainingHealthy eyes and good eyesight are very important for a person to see clearly. One of the studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reveals that 94% of the United States population aged 12 years or older generally has a good vision, but the remaining are visually impaired.

What is Vision Training?

Also known as visual training, vision therapy is a kind of rehabilitative treatment or therapy for the eyes. The therapy is based on progressive training i.e. the exercises are easiest at first and become complex gradually. Vision training is intended to increase coordination and flexibility in the eye muscles.

People taking vision training gradually learn to control the eye muscles and can overcome many different kinds of visual impairment at the end of this therapy.

Why do People Need Vision Training?

Some people are born with weak eye muscles, while some suffer from the condition after an accident or trauma to the eye. You are also aware of the fact that all muscles in your body, including eye muscles become weak as a natural part of the aging process. With the help of vision therapy, most people who suffer from weak eye muscles can learn ways to control their eye movements in a better way.

Can Vision Therapy be Used With Eye Glasses or Contact Lenses?

Yes, vision therapy can be used even if the person is using glasses or contact lenses. Contact Lenses are much more competitively priced if you shop around at online suppliers.

Is Vision Therapy a New Concept?

Vision therapy has been around since the mid 18th century. However, the modern concepts were introduced in the United States in 1928. Often vision training is only limited to children but the fact is that it can also benefit adults. Your physician is in the best position to decide whether or not vision training is right for you.

What Can You Expect?

Vision therapy is very useful but it also takes time. Regardless of your age, you have to understand that your condition does not occur suddenly. However, you can overcome the problem by practicing vision therapy. Remember, it may take long before you see an improvement, but the key is to never give up.

Vision therapy works by stretching the unused eye muscles. It also relaxes muscles that are over strained. You will be trained to focus both the eyes together on near and far away objects. Emphasis will be given to the range you find blurry.

Your vision therapy can involve practice sessions with the vision therapist or the doctor as well as ‘homework’ exercises. It can take up to six weeks before you notice an improvement in vision problems. The length of your practice session is usually determined by your physician or vision therapist. You can expect drastic improvement after 10 to 15 weeks of practice sessions.

Your physician may assign you a number of exercises to do at home. Usually homework assignments take 15 to 30 minutes and you have to repeat the exercises 4 or 5 times in a week. Again, this schedule is decided by your physician or vision therapist.

Young kids need to be motivated by parents and teachers and it is important that kids consider vision therapy and homework exercises as fun. This therapy can be a real challenge even for adults therefore motivation is really crucial to continue the progress at a steady rate.

Who Can Benefit From Vision Training?

Children who are diagnosed with learning, reading or writing problems can benefit from visual training. Even autistic kids and those suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder have chances of developing problems related to vision. Vision therapy can be used to manage the problems quite effectively.

A large number of professional athletes also seek vision therapy to improve their vision and reaction time. This therapy is also beneficial to improve hand and eye coordination.

Computer users, even those using contact lenses can use vision therapy to reduce discomfort due to repeated eye strain. Vision therapy is also helpful for adults who suffer from strokes or head injuries as a result of an accident.

Herbs Can Also Benefit Vision

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