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Benefits of Walking to Lose Weight


All healthy weight loss plans recommend exercise in conjunction with a balanced diet. However, exercise is hard work and overweight and obese people find that they are unable to seriously undertake an exercise regime.

Moreover, the fitness level of people with sedentary lifestyles decreases to such an extent that their muscles lose efficiencies and over time they simply do not have enough energy to exercise.

Any physical activity that compels the body to overcome resistance is good for weight loss. Walking is a simple exercise for anyone and everyone. Consider the motions that you have to go through when you walk – you take a step forward, plant your foot at a forward location and then pull your body to match that location.

Your body has to overcome some resistance to accomplish that. There is no doubt that walking involves overcoming less resistance as compared to other exercises but is a long term solution for people who are looking permanent weight loss.

Running and jogging are good for burning calories too. But they are relatively more demanding and can be tough for an unfit person. Running and jogging also put a lot of pressure on joints. You may not be able to jog for long while but walking is simple and if you walk long enough you can burn as many calories.

Walking at a leisurely pace of 2 mph burns approximately 26 calories per 10 minutes. The calories you burn add up as you keep walking. Walking not only burns calories, it also spruces up your basal metabolic rate and you burn more calories than before even when you are resting.

Walking to Lose WeightEven if you do not plan to change your diet (which you actually should if you are eating too much or relying on commercial foods), walking still allows you to lose weight as you burn extra calories that you consume. Just make sure that you eat a balanced diet and do not start adding calories to your diet just because have started walking regularly.

Regular walking routines also improve your chances of living longer. It reduces the risk of some of the most common ailments like diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Walking is effective only if you incorporate it in your lifestyle. Stop using the car for short trips and use the stairs instead of the lift whenever you can. Walking daily for one month and then going back to your old ways of inactive lifestyle means you are negating away all the previously accrued benefits.

Walking with friends is also a great stress reliever as it gives you an opportunity to have a good time and forget about your worries. Many morning walkers get together to share each others’ worries, which can be an excellent support system.

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  1. Nutri July 7, 2008 at 2:40 am #

    I agree with you. More importantly walking keeps you healthy. However if you live in big cities, air pollution can be a hindrance for you to go out. So avoid going out for a walk during peak times like between 12pm to 4pm.

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