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Healthy Mouth, Teeth »

[11 Jun 2010 | No Comment ]

Teeth cleaning at home is often called dental prophylaxis because it is designed to preserve the health of your teeth and prevent the spread of disease. When the dentist polishes your teeth it makes the surface smooth and more difficult for plaque to build on your teeth and gums. You can use a daily teeth cleaning at home routine to prevent even more plaque and bacterial build up.

Teeth cleaning at home is a superficial procedure that cleans the tooth but doesnt get rid of infection or diseased gum tissue. However superficial, it is important to the daily care and treatment of your teeth. Researchers have found that gum disease is linked conclusively to heart disease and strokes. You can contribute to the prevention of these conditions, and therefore improve the quality of your life, using several simple techniques.

When you do your teeth cleaning at home you will use floss, mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste. This process doesnt involve polishing or whitening those are cosmetic procedures that dont contribute to healthier gums, just whiter smiles.

Color, Crystals »

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Energy and Fatigue, Health and Vitality »

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Do you have trouble mustering up the energy to get out of bed in the morning?  Or do you function normally until after lunch, then come crashing to a near-halt?  Lots of us suffer from low energy at one time or another, and for some it’s an everyday occurrence.

All too often, when we need enough energy to get us through the day, we reach for a cup of coffee or some other caffeinated drink.  This does provide a quick boost, but it’s not really the best thing for our bodies.  While an occasional dose of caffeine is no problem, it can easily become a habit.  And that can end up sapping our energy even further in the long run.

There are other ways to get an energy boost.  Most do not provide the quick and dramatic short-term fix that caffeine does, but they do increase our alertness and stamina.  Here are some of the best energy boosters:

Joints, Bones & Muscles »

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Let’s face it, arthritis relief, tempting as it may sound, is difficult to come by. However, it’s not impossible to achieve. Before one should set out in search of an effective arthritis relief, one must take some time out to understand the disease. Only true knowledge can give one the right means to find relief from this acutely painful condition to afflict mankind.

According to medical statistics, arthritis is believed to afflict more than 40 million Americans. In fact, it is one of the most frequently noticed symptoms in people aged over 40.

Its chronic nature is quite alarming too. Continuing research in the field of arthritis has revealed that more than 100 different forms of the disease exist, making matters no easier. They are known by different names to medical practitioners.

If you are searching for a natural and safe Arthritis Treatment formula, try HealArthritis - a proven effective formula for Arthritis.

Pregnancy, Birth »

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Children are a precious gift. We go through nine months of labor to bring that gift into the world. And, while we are overjoyed, our bodies are usually not. Here are a few tips to help you get your “before baby” body back after pregnancy.

First of all, it doesn’t matter how many years you are post-pregnancy, you can still achieve the body that you desire. Unfortunately, many moms think that once they deliver that big bundle of joy, they will instantly drop about 50 pounds. Not so. What you will lose is the weight of your baby plus a few pounds.

So, where do you begin?

First, take a look at what you eat. When you were pregnant, those cravings may have sent you to the fridge for chocolate cake, peanut butter and jelly or French fries. Now that you are without that extra mouth to feed, it’s time to get back to reality.

Home and Family »

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Infidelity has been in the news lately. Well-known athletes, Hollywood stars, and politicians have been making public apologies for their ‘indiscretions.’ Many people in similar situations are willing to forgive, but what are the steps to mend a relationship after infidelity?

There’s a lot to be said for people who choose to work through the pain caused by infidelity. They may have an inner strength which allows them forgive and forget the past while having courage enough to face what the future holds. Rather than dwell on being hurt, they remember what they love about the person and decide they’d prefer not live without them.

Before you can mend a relationship after infidelity, it’s important to know why a partner was unfaithful. This means you’ll need to talk openly and honestly with one another. If you don’t think you can do this on your own, you may want to seek out a marriage counselor.

Mind and Spirit »

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Mental health is a term that encompasses many aspects of our ability to cope with stress and enjoy life. People use the term mental health to describe issues with depression, emotional upheaval, emotional pain or outright psychological diagnosis such as psychosis or schizophrenia. In the diagnosis of many mental health problems or concerns therapists evaluate the psychosocial factors mental health that affect the sufferer and are factors in the etiology and sources of mental health.

Psychosocial factors mental health impact the mental and physical health as well as playing a role in chronic stress management and the ability of a person to adapt to potential stressors. How we come to be who we are is a process of development through a lifelong process that is a product of biology, psychology and social influences. By studying development and influences researchers may uncover the origins of both psychosocial factors mental health and mental illness.

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