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Ben Goldacre on Homeopathy

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Ben Goldacre, Guardian columnist and author of Bad Science, explores homeopathy and the placebo effect. Not all alternative therapies are equal, you know
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  • KongMatthew119 said:

    @MrType85 i no this myt ny b d best way but u cud sell ur story 2 a newspaper or magazine, kick up enuff fuss for an inquiry. tho i dnt think u want 2 go tho all of tat again tho

    • KongMatthew119 said:

      @MrType85 thank u! its all, just cuz we’re a threat to d big corporations or the big companies just want 2 make money n a bucket of bullshit! They r like ppl who think they”ve worked out a government conspiracy n also think d government is after them cuz of it.

      1, ure not a threat to d big corporations, ure a threat to people
      2, of course they want to make money or else drug companies will go out of business
      3, i hope patients of homeopathic doctors cn read this, its just water!

      • KongMatthew119 said:

        @MrType85 yeah my nan knows stuff like how to stop chicken pox from itching or stuff like tat, sort of stuff tat once tho every1s life ppl go tho n how to get tho it easily, works wonders even tho sum stuff is weird. Im not sure bout d science of them tho. Cuz d bruise magically shows up on d egg!

        I no!!! at d price a highstreet ‘clinic’ sells their bottled water, they could easily go independent or at least prove tat their selling bottles of water!!!

        • MrType85 said:

          @MrType85 …and by giving people confidence in something that patently does not work you are pshycologically denying them access to something that will. That is what happened to my mother. You quacks killed my mother but I’ll never be able to prove it.

          • MrType85 said:

            @KongMatthew119 What else offends me? Alternative medicine providers who claim that there’s a conspiracy against them by the major drug manufacturers. They claim that they cannot afford to go through the process of objective testing. Well if you can’t afford to play in the game, get out of it because even if you don’t cause damage by promoting your ineffective remedies, you are giving people unrealistic confidence in something that is not going to help. Shame on you you money grapping b*stards.

            • MrType85 said:

              @KongMatthew119 Ain’t that the truth. Our tax money is going towards quacks and that REALLY offends me. Let’s not forget that scientific testing is the ONLY way to verify efficacy of any treatment. I don’t need, I don’t think, to describe to you what scientific testing means. Re bruises – I don’t know what is in arnica but that is a traditional remedy and I think that has proven results. I think – I don’t know. There’s nothing wrong with traditional. If it is proven to work.

              • KongMatthew119 said:

                @MrType85 aww im so sorry, im wiv u-if u cnt prove it then dnt use it on me!

                well if u ever get a bruise, boil an egg, wrap it in a kitchen towel and rub it on d bruise and it will vanish! serious, my nan showed me and it was like magic. im afraid ur right, money has poisoned d medical profession but mostly in homeopathy. btw if ure in d uk, our tax money is actually paying 4 this!

                • MrType85 said:

                  @KongMatthew119 Well it’s homeopathy in particular, since this is the subject of the video. But there are quacks in all branches of alternative medicine. I’m afraid my mother was vulnerable to their sales pitches because she had bad experiences with conventional medicine. At least the conventional doctors were not motivated by money. And moreover, I’m a great believer in proof – scientifically valid testing, not anecdotal evidence. No offence intended. “old folk medicine” could be valid.

                  • KongMatthew119 said:

                    @MrType85 is this 2 all alternative medicine? dnt get me wrong, i hate homeopathic quacks n bastards, just my nan has loads of old folk medicine she learnt about when she was a child and it does actually work! does tat make it homeopathic or just good medicine?

                    • MrType85 said:

                      So true. My own mother died last year on account of an overdependance on alternative medicide – some of it homeopathy. i have nothing but disgust for the poeple who purport to treat while they rake in the profits. Homeopathey is an illusion. It doen’t work and I ( along with a cacophony of people) can prove it. Challenge me…

                      • GreenFury1976 said:

                        n) it is then easy for someone to fool themselves into thinking “it was the placebo wot done it!”

                        • GreenFury1976 said:

                          Bladedh, it’s not that the baby or pet realises you are caring for it, though in the case of a young child that may be true. it could be that it is placebo by proxy, or more likely in my opinion that, the point at which symptoms are at their worst is the time at which the carer is most likely to take action, and administer the placebo, the body’s natural defences have already kicked in and will almost have gotten the illness under control (this is especially true of viral and bacterial infectio

                          • BladeDH said:

                            @cuevarap: The placebo effect has also been tested and proven in animals and babies. In these particular cases, sugar pills do exactly as much as homeopathic “remedies”. Just like with adults.
                            And the reason is VERY simple, the baby, or the pet, realizes you are caring for them, and that causes the placebo effect.
                            But still, you can keep waisting your money on homeopathy instead of buying sugar pills, I couldnt care less ;D