Skin Healing Plantain Salve

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Use dry Plantain - broad or lance leafed - (Plantago spp.).

Put in in a jar and cover it with grain alcohol (Everclear or Vodka) so it is barely moistened. Let is soak for 8 hours or so.

Then mix it 1:5 (weight to volume - so 1 oz herb to 5 fluid oz oil) with Olive Oil. Put it in a blender and blend it until the sides of the blender are warm (quite a while).

Now strain it through a fine cloth or something like that and use the oil to make a salve by heating it and mixing it with Beeswax. Start with 1:5 Beeswax to oil ratio, if the salve comes out to soft you can remelt it and add more Beeswax.

This is a wonderful, skin healing, restorative salve (one of my friends has switched completely to it as Moisturizer) but what is the coolest about it is the color. The green is so unbelievably vibrant. I have a bottle of the oil on a shelf, just so I can look at it, it reminds me of Summer…

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