Natural Warts Treatment and Removal

Our formula will eliminate all strains of warts with no skin irritation or scarring.

Heal Warts treatment is formulated to remove:

body warts: common, verruca, flat warts
genital warts: venereal, vaginal, penis, anal
plantar warts: planter/planters warts

Our specially formulated Heal Warts removal treatment is 100% natural, produced from the highest quality pure essential oils extracted from plants.

The formula is organic at the source, free from pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.

The effectiveness of Heal Warts treatment to remove the wart virus (Human Papilloma Virus) is unsurpassed.

What is HPV

The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), known as the warts virus, is a microscopic virus which invades and infects the skin. Although the virus is very common, it is invisible to the human eye. Because of this, it is very difficult to know if you have HPV unless you see visible signs such as warts on the skin surface, or get medical testing for the virus.

Millions of people at this moment are unaware that they have the warts virus. Type 16 and 33 – the genital warts strain – are of particular note as these strains cause more serious changes in the skin. Although warts are difficult to detect without symptoms, all strains of the virus are still contagious – meaning that you can still pass the virus on to others by touching towels or objects they have used. Unfortunately, you can also pass the virus to other parts of your own body through the same means. Genital warts is passed through unprotected sex with an infected partner.

Warts usually appear as small rough tumours in single bumps or clusters, and some will even have a cauliflower like structure. Some of the strains of warts include: common warts that usually appear on the hands, especially in children; flat warts that grow in large numbers or clusters; and plantar warts which grow under or on the feet and can be very painful.

Our treatment will remove any type of wart.

How do I use Heal Warts?

Heal Warts is applied directly onto the warts using a Q-tip or your finger. Complete instructions will be included with your product.

The formula is extremely concentrated so only a few drops are needed per application, making it very economical in use. The anti-viral oils of our Heal Warts treatment have been proven to counteract the warts virus and will therefore remove warts (including all body warts, flat warts, plantar warts etc) gently and effectively.

Heal Warts FAQ

Q.  I have had my warts burned off / surgically removed, will your formula stop the warts growing back?
A. Many of our customers have warts burned off / surgically removed, some have used acid and other types of drugs. Unfortunately their warts grow back again. After using our Heal Warts formula the same warts do not reappear.

Q.  How soon will I see results?
A. There are 80 strains of the wart virus, therefore results will vary from person to person. The healing process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, stubborn strains of the virus can take a little longer to heal. Please be patient, the formula works from the root of the wart, for this reason you may not see any change to the warts in the early stages of the healing process. The warts may get larger or turn white as the formula draws them out of the skin. They will then begin to flake and disappear leaving no scarring.

It is important to apply three times a day and do not miss any applications. If you miss one day it will push back the healing process by 2 to 4 days. Do not touch or scrape the warts, allow the formula to do the work.

Q.  Do I need more than one bottle of Heal Warts?
A. This depends on the amount and size of your warts. It is important that you do not run out of formula and interrupt the program. There is 11ml of Heal Warts formula, sufficient for over 100 applications. This will heal a few warts. If you have many warts, we suggest starting with at least two bottles of formula or save 10% with our large 33 ml bottle.

Q.  Is the virus contagious?
A. Yes, HPV is contagious.

Q.  How do I apply the product?
A. Place a few drops on a Q-Tip or use your fingers to apply topically. Simply dab each wart, it is not necessary to saturate them.

Q.  You state that this is a topical application but my warts are inside my vagina!
A. This is still a topical application. Moisten a Q-Tip or place the formula on your fingers and insert to apply topically.

Q. My son is 3 years old, can I apply Heal Warts to his fingers?
A. We do not recommend using our formula on children under the age of 4.

Q. Do I need to place a band aid onto the warts after application?
A. If you choose, you can use a band aid on hands or fingers. However, it is not a necessity.

Q.  Has Heal Warts been in the news?
A. Yes, Heal Warts been featured in many magazines and newspapers worldwide! Click here to see a few examples

How long does HealWarts take to work?

The healing process varies from person to person. Depending on the quantity and size of warts and your immune system, warts will be eliminated in 2 to 6 weeks. Once eliminated, the same warts will not grow back.

Heal Warts will draw the warts out of the skin with no burning or skin irritation. They will then flake away leaving no scarring.

Heal Warts is gentle. It is topically applied and not taken by mouth. The formula is not to be used when pregnant or nursing. The product may be used for children from the age of 4 years.

HealWarts Testimonials

I am grateful to your healing oil treatment for warts.

After five years, I am finally wart free. I started out with one wart on my thumb that I had burned off. It came back with a lot of little warts around it. I tried an over the counter formula from the drug store, two dematogolists, duck tape and vinegar, only to have them keep multiplying.

When I found your ad on the Internet, I had over 50 warts on my left hand, 30 on my right hand, four on my big toe and two on my arms. I was getting desparate and willing to try anything.

It took me several weeks to get rid of the warts on my hands and arms and on my toe. Please use my name to promote your product. Thank you!

Alice – Mason City, IA  

Hi I feel like I must write this and tell everyone about your wonderful product for treating warts and genital warts. All I can say is WOW…this Heal Warts stuff actually works. If you want to know how to treat warts, read this! I had warts for years , and they were all over my body. Its embarrassing for me to talk about this, but I feel like I must!

You name it, I had it – from planters warts to flat warts, and even anal warts and genital warts. I must have contracted the wart virus somehow, and this all began with an outbreak of genital warts. I ignored all the symptoms, and thought that the genital warts were just zits or something. You never expect to contract something like this, but I am told that it is very common! Anyway, the genital warts began to spread and soon I had flat warts on my leg and about a month later, I got a huge plantar wart under my foot.

Anyway, for about 5 years, I tried absolutely every remedy out there for genital warts removal and regular warts removal. >From over the counter creams to freezing them and I even had a whole bunch of them cut out by a doctor. Every time, they just grew back. and at that stage, I thought that there was no cure for warts.

A friend of mine had used the Heal Warts treatment to get rid of warts that he had for years. They were planter warts and he had already tried other over the counter ointments which didnt remove them. After taking his advice, I got a big bottle of Heal Warts and began applying it to my warts 3 times a day. After about 4 weeks, the warts began flaking away by themselves, and a week later, they were ALL GONE.

I was shocked, every single one of them flaked away, including my genital warts. Its amazing how the formula draws the whole wart out of the skin. finally, I can breath a sigh of relief, knowing that I am guaranteed that these horrible warts will never grow back. Please use my testimonial to promote your product for gential warts, you guys are doing an excellent job. Thank You!!!

John – Los Angeles, CA.

I would like to share my experience since I used your product for genital warts. After I finished the first bottle of treatment, something happened: I can’t explain this, but I can only say: “This is a miracle of modern science.” My warts are gone, the area is smooth and soft. (Before this the warts were terrible for me)

It is a wonderful thing, during the healing process I felt comfortable, no pain… I would like to tell you that I am so very happy.

Thank you…thank you…thank you so much.

Jennifer – New York, NY

I wanted to let you know I didnt think your product would work for the wart on my face when I ordered it. I felt hesitant to spend the money when it sounded too good to be true.I had gone to drugstores checking out wart medicines and cut a coupon out for a new product on the market but everything said dont use it on your face.

The wart was right below my eye and using anything other than your product made me nervous.I was afraid to go to the doctors because of the pain and the expense.I was so embarrassed to talk to people that they may be staring at this ugly wart.

I received the Heal Warts on august 15 and starting using it immediately. It wasnt until 2 months later that it started peeling off my face and at that point I was ready to wrap it up and ask for a refund. I look so much better now and dont have to be embarrassed anymore.

Thank you for a great unbelievable product.This has made me so much happier.I am recommending this product to everyone I come across that could use it.

P.S. you were right in telling me to be patient with this product. I almost gave up.

Linda – Vineland, N.J.

Hi there!

I just wanted to let you know that I got my first plantar wart, which was located on my foot, and decided that I would look for natural alternatives rather than going to the doctor. It took about 4 weeks, but my wart is gone! It stopped hurting around the middle of the second week of treatment, and today it now just looks like a callus. To any of those that are skeptical out there about this product, don’t be! I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has warts. Thanks for the great product!

Frank – Apex, NC

My wife and I used your Heal Warts medicine on some very stubborn genital warts, which we had tried everything to get rid of, from a well known wart cream, to freezing them, and even homeopathic remedies, but nothing worked. We obviously didnt know how to treat genital warts properly and we were probably using the wrong warts removal treatments.

We were sceptical about your wart remover at first, but thought, what the hell, with a money back guarantee, we couldnt go wrong.

My wife’s genital warts were were internal, but we were told by one of your employees, that she was able to apply the medicine to them, if the warts were reachable.

My genital warts were quite large and had formed a cluster. If you have ever had genital warts, really badly, you will know how terrible it is, especially if you and your partner both have genital warts!

After 4 weeks of religious applications, I am delighted to report that we are both completely clear and all our genital warts have been cured! Your product truly is amazing! Its easy to use, it doesnt hurt, like some other ointments and creams I tried, and most importantly, the stuff can actually remove warts and really works

If you do use this on your site, I just want to tell anyone that reads this, who has genital warts……….Heal warts will get rid of genital warts like no other wart remover out there!!

James Porter – Miami, FL

I was devastated by my recent diagnosis of genital warts. It has now been 3 weeks since I started using your product and I can’t believe it, the warts have all gone.

Michael Plummer – Reno, NV

A few weeks ago, I ordered some Heal Warts for my son. He had had plantar warts for 6 years and we spent hundreds of £ to try to get rid of them without any luck.

They were getting bigger and bigger. After using your Heal Warts for a few weeks only, all the warts disappeared and his foot is back to normal.

We are absolutely delighted with your product and we will certainly recommend it to anyone. Many thanks indeed. All the very best.

Monique – Essex, United Kingdom

I have to write this to tell everyone that nothing works on Genital warts like this product. I have had vaginal warts for years and I have tried EVERYTHING! It took 2 years, Allot of dissapointment, and allot of money, until I found the genital warts remedy that I should have used the first time.

Forget about other treatments – THEY DONT WORK! If you have genital warts, get Heal Warts, dont waste your time and money on treatments that dont work.

Thank you so much for helping everyone out there with this condition.

Amanda – Dublin, Ireland

My daughter had a growth on her forehead and knee, at first I thought it to be a mole; after going to the doctor, I was informed that it was a wart.

We tried all the over the counter products, and was told that these could not be used on her head. Then I searched for another solution.

I found amoils—3 weeks–gone, both head and knee, and has not returned…God’s natural way is the best way!

Thanks for your product. Now we are dealing with an athelete’s foot problem my husband has had for a significant period of time, I didn’t realize that you had something for that too. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Thanks again, and I look forward to another great sucess story from the Athlete’s foot!

PG – Houston, TX.

Just want to let you know that you have a great product. I had two warts under my foot for about two years. At first I thought they were some kind of growth and picked on them. But they started to get painful.

I decided to have my doctor look at them and she told me that they were plantar warts. She used a machine that burned them off. For almost 10 days after I could hardly put my foot down it was so painful.

Three months later both warts reappeared. There was just no way I was going to visit my doctor again and started searching the internet.

I got your warts product and started applying 3 times per day. There was no change for about 2 weeks and just when I thought the product was not going to work, I noticed that the warts were changing shape.

You guys saved me money and pain and made me a believer in natural products. The warts have gone! and there has been no sign of them coming back. Unbelievable. Thanks again.

Chuck – New Orleans, LA

I never thought I would be writing a testimonial on the internet, but I couldn’t let this go without telling you all at Healing Natural Oils how well your product worked for my daughter.

My seven- year old daughter has been suffering for over two years now. She had very large course warts on her hands and legs. They were also starting on her face. She had some small ones on her lips and around her forehead.

We had been under a dermatologists care for two years and have tried everything from Aldera cream to injections of some kind of candida directly into her warts. She had also been on Tagamet off and on for a year and many other types of creams and such, not to mention the usual freezing.

I was skimming through the internet, trying to find something to help her, when I came across your site. I read the testimonials and couldn’t imagine not spending $25.00. Up to this point I had spent over $1500.00 in dermatologis costs and medications.

Well, I ordered it and two days later it arrived. It was her seventh birthday. I decided to start that very day. Her warts were gone in less than a month. We were amazed! It was truly a miracle oil. She has a few flat stragglers on her forehead, but we are still using the oil.

Michelle – Clermont, Fl.

My 9yr old Daughter had Warts all over her hands, a few on her face and legs. We tried EVERY doctor prescribed treatment and they kept comming back. This put my Daughter through much pain and embarassment.

Then I found your website and ordered “Healing Oil for Warts”. In less than two weeks they were gone!! It’s been three months and they’re still gone!

My sister tried it after making an appointment to have them burned off…Needless to say she cancelled the appointment and couldn’t believe how fast and painless this was. My sister’s warts actually went away after only two applications of ” Healing Natural Oils“.

Feel free to E-Mail me to verify this information.

Jim Ullmer – South Bend, Indiana

My ten year old daughter had numerous small warts around her nose and mouth that just seemed to keep multiplying. We tried several things in order to avoid having them frozen or burned off. When that didn’t work, we went to the dermatologist and, in several sessions, had them frozen off.

This was a very painful process for her, and it left her face with blisters, sores, and eventually scars. And after the sores finally healed, we noticed that the warts were coming back! I ordered Heal Warts and after about two weeks the warts were completely gone.

If I had gotten your product in the first place, I could have saved $1500.00 in medical bills, plus saved my daughter the pain associated with the freezing process and scaring. But, fortunately, after using your product for the warts and another for the scars, my daughters skin looks great again.! Thanks!

Dawn C. – Belton, Texas.

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