Natural Molluscum Treatment (MCV)

What is MCV (Molluscum Contagiosum Virus)?

It is a chronic viral skin infection that causes raised, pearl-like papules. Typically, the lesions begin as a small painless papule, usually 2 to 5mm in diameter, which may raise up to form a flesh-colored nodule. Scratching or other irritation causes the virus to spread in a line or in groups (crops). Molluscum contagiousum is a contagious viral infection.

It is a common infection in children as it is contagious through direct contact, and is generally seen on the face, neck, arm pit, arms, and/or hands. It may occur anywhere on the body, including in the genital area.

In adults, Molluscum contagiosum warts are usually seen on the genitals as MCV is also sexually transmitted. Early genital lesions may be mistaken for Genital Herpes, but unlike herpes, Molluscum is usually painless.

The virus is very contagious, and should be treated to prevent further infection either to yourself, or to others.

How do I use your product?

Heal Molluscum is applied topically onto the condition using a Q-tip or your finger.

The anti-viral oils of our Heal Molluscum formula has been proven to counteract the MCV virus and eliminate molluscum gently and effectively.

The formula is extremely concentrated, with only a few drops per application, all types of Molluscum contagiosum will be eliminated.

Complete instructions will be included with your product.

Heal Molluscum FAQ

Q.  I have had my molluscum burned off / surgically removed, will your formula stop the condition growing back?
A. Many of our customers have molluscum burned off / surgically removed, some have used acid and other types of drugs. Unfortunately the condition grows back again. After using our Heal Molluscum formula the same bumps do not reappear.

Q.  How soon will I see results?
A. There are many strains of MCV (Molluscum Contagiosum Virus), therefore results will vary from person to person. The healing process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, stubborn strains of the virus can take a little longer to heal. Please be patient, the formula works from the root upwards, for this reason you may not see any change in the early stages of the healing process. The bumps may get larger or turn white as the formula draws them out of the skin. They will then begin to flake and disappear leaving no scarring.

It is important to apply three times a day and do not miss any applications. If you miss one day it will push back the healing process by 2 to 4 days. Do not touch or scrape the area, allow the formula to do the work.

Q.  Do I need more than one bottle of Heal Molluscum?
A. This depends on the amount and size of your molluscum. It is important that you do not run out of formula and interrupt the program. There is 11ml of Heal Molluscum formula, sufficient for over 100 applications. This will heal a few bumps. If you have many bumps or need to treat a cluster, we suggest starting with at least two bottles of formula or save 10% with our large 33 ml bottle.

Q.  Is the virus contagious?
A. Yes, MCV is contagious.

Q.  How do I apply the product?
A. Place a few drops on a Q-Tip or use your fingers to apply topically. Simply dab each bump / cluster, it is not necessary to saturate the area.

Q.  You state that this is a topical application but the molluscum bumps are inside my vagina!
A. This is still a topical application. Moisten a Q-Tip or place the formula on your fingers and insert to apply topically.

Q. My son is 3 years old, can I apply Heal Molluscum to his fingers?
A. We do not recommend using our formula on children under the age of 4.

Q. Do I need to place a band aid onto the area after application?
A. If you choose, you can use a band aid on hands or fingers. However, it is not a necessity.

How long does Heal Molluscum take to work?

The healing process varies from person to person. Depending on the quantity and size of molluscum and your immune system, the condition will be eliminated in 2 to 6 weeks. Once eliminated, the same bumps will not grow back again.

Heal Molluscum will draw the molluscum bumps out from the root upwards with no burning or skin irritation. The bumps will then flake away leaving no scarring.

Heal Molluscum is gentle. It is topically applied and not taken by mouth. The formula is not to be used when pregnant or nursing. The product may be used for children from the age of 4 years.

Heal Molluscum Testimonials

I just wanted to write and thank your company for your wonderful product you have for molluscum contagiosum. I used your Heal Molluscum on massive clusters of horrible looking molluscum. I had them on most of my stomach, and going all the way down to my groin area. I am a male and even my genitals were completely covered. I applied for 3 weeks and nothing happened. I was ready to throw the bottle away, but after reading the instructions, which said healing takes 2-6 weeks, I thought I would give it another few weeks. Only after 4 weeks, did I notice the clusters turning into a whitish color and starting to flake away. They looked bigger and I was worried and called your hotline. They told me that getting bigger is part of the process and that I was at an advanced stage in the healing process.

Well, 2 weeks later, they had ALL flaked away completely, leaving a redish flat area behind. So the process took exactly 6 weeks! Apparently, if you dont apply 3 times a day, like I did, you slow down the healing. so to whoever reads this - apply 3 times a day and you will not be dissapointed!

That was 2 months ago - if you looked at the areas where I was absolutely covered with molluscum not so long ago, now - you would not even see signs that molluscum had once been there! I am eternally grateful for your wonderful product and would recommend it to anyone.

David Richardson - Tampa, FL

I had to write to let you know how amazing your product “Heal Molluscum” is. I had molluscum contagiosum all over one leg, and went to doctor after doctor who each said they could do nothing about it.

I found your product on your website, and thought it was worth a try, though to be honest I was convinced it wouldn’t work. I applied it 3 times a day, and after 4 or 5 weeks every single wart had completely disappeared. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I can wear skirts again!

Francesca - Liverpool, UK

I got your product Heal Molluscum product for my son who has Molluscum contagiosum. I am absolutely amazed at how well this stuff works! My son is 6 and when I called your toll free number, I was told by the lady on the phone that the product could be used on children over 6 years.

We had previously tried everything we could find to treat what we thought were loads of warts. His legs were completely covered in clusters of wart looking things. It was spreading and there were new ones appearing almost everyday. All the creams and ointments we got never did a thing, so we took him to the dermatologist.

To my surprise, the doctor told us that there was nothing that could be done. Apparently, they cannot freeze them off or burn them, because there are too many bumps to treat and there would be scarring.

He diagnosed my son with molluscum contagiosum. He said that we must let it run its course. When I asked about a time frame, I was told that it could take years.

About 3 weeks later, a friend of mine told me about Heal Molluscum and how it had completely healed a huge cluster of warts on her hands. The rest is history really!

We got the large bottle and started applying the formula about 5 weeks ago. We were religious with applications, 3 times per day, like you said. I am extremely happy to report that as of today, we have discontinued use with the product. His legs are completely healed and I am absolutely gobsmacked!! You really do have a magic potion there! I am going to tell my dermatologist to stock your product! I cannot tell you the change in my son’s life - thank you so much !!

Grace Campbell - Ontario, Canada

I just wanted to thank you for offering such a wonderful product like Heal Molluscum. My daughter is 6 years old and has had eczema for several years so when she started getting these bumps on her legs and arms, I thought her eczema was getting worse. We took her to the Dermatologist and the Doctor said she had the worse case of Molluscum Contagiosum she had ever seen (she has been in practice for 20 years!).

This viral infection is very similar to warts but it belongs to the family of viruses called poxviruses. My daughter had these highly contagious bumps on her arms and clusters of them all up and down her legs. They looked terrible and the treatment they wanted to use on her sounded worse. They started her on a crème call Aldara to use every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights and she would have to go into the Dermatologist every 3 weeks to start a treatment called Cantharadin.

The Doctor told me that this virus is a nightmare and we would be going for treatments for a long time. This was in March and with the weather getting ready to turn warmer and this being so contagious, I felt horrible with the thought of keeping my daughter in pants at school. I figured that she was going to have a horrible summer, keeping her covered in public places, not being able to go to swim at a friends house or swim party and being stared at.

The treatment called Cantharadin is poison drawn from the blister beetle that causes bad blistering when applied to the skin. Because it is painful, the Dermatologist would only be able to do small sections of my daughter at a time. This is why it would take so long to get rid of. The bumps would blister and hurt until they off. when I heard all of this, I started doing some research to find an alternative treatment. From what I could find out about Cantharadin….it isn’t even approved by the FDA. They feel it is too hazardous for the benefits it renders. You can only get it in Canada.

I came across the web site for Healing Natural Oils and read through the medical reports and testimonials and was impressed and hopeful. Being skeptical of all the information on the internet, I contacted someone who gave a testimonial. No one is paid or gets any other benefit from giving a testimonial other than to let others know there is a better alternative than the painful, drawn out treatments a Dermatologist will suggest. This lady gave me helpful information on using the Heal Molluscum and I decided to give it a try. It is all natural and a money back guarantee…..why not!

What was going to be painful and take all summer turned into a treatment with the oil that took 3 weeks to get rid of all the bumps on my daughters arms and legs! We continue to use the oil to fade away the red spots left when the bumps disappeared. When I took my daughter back to the Dermatologist, (what they thought was going to be my daughters first treatment) they were impressed with the fact that they had nothing to treat. They told me the results she was getting would be the same results the Cantharadin would give her after it was all said and done.

Needless to say, I am thrilled and thankful for this oil and what it spared my daughter. Even with the red spots, I can feel secure to put her in shorts for the remainder of the school year. The spots continue to fade and it will be a good summer after all!

Thank you for answering all my e-mails and for offering such a miracle treatment for warts/molluscum. I am now using the Heal Eczema oil on my daughter as well. You have a lifetime supporter of your products.

Mary K. - Lennox, Michigan.

Our natural formula will eliminate all strains of the Molluscum Contagiosum Virus (MCV), including genital MCV strains with no skin irritation or scarring.

Our specially formulated product is 100% pure, it has been formulated with the highest quality pure essential oils extracted from plants.

The effectiveness of our product to treat Molluscum Contagiosum Virus is unsurpassed.

Learn more about HealMolluscum

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