Don’t Look Old Before Your Time

by Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

No matter whether we are 20, 30 or 60 or more years of age, male or female we all want to look our best!

None of us want to look old before our time with drooping or sagging skin, or have skin with blemishes that looks lifeless, dry and with lots of wrinkles!

Have you ever wondered how people of similar age can look so different?  The greater the age the bigger the differences!  Why is it that some people who are 40 years old can look just 25 and yet others at 40 years of age look 60 years old?

Some people would argue that it must be in the genes but that theory is largely discredited.  Most scientists now generally agree that genetics probably don’t play any more that about a 10% role in the way our health or appearance evolves as we age.

So, what are the factors that determine how we look and feel as we age?

There are three key ones, not necessarily in the following order…


Your choice of lifestyle will have a significant impact on how you look as you age.  If you are a heavy smoker expect to increase your likelihood of being as the example I gave of looking 60 when you are 40 years old.  If you drink heavily whilst you are smoking then that will bring you a further step closer.

Exercise is part of the lifestyle section.  Reasonable exercise that is…no need to be a fanatic…just do enough to keep everything functioning properly and flexible!  If you happen to be an exercise ‘nut’ then be sure that you take extra antioxidants otherwise you will age before your time due to greater exposure to free radicals as a result of increased oxygen intake.


The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ is based on old and true wisdom.  If you eat lots of processed foods which are devoid of nutrients then don’t expect your skin to look good when you get older (or even in the short term)  Don’t expect to enjoy good health either!

Without the correct amounts of essential nutrients every day your skin will over time lose elastin and collagen.  The lack of anti-oxidants in your diet will also have a profound effect on your skin.  Result…all the things that that you don’t want to have happen to your skin will happen!  You should be aware of protecting your skin from the inside out.  The good news is that when you do that you are also protecting your health.

Fortunately, even if your diet is not great our Total Balance will go a long way to helping avoid this deterioration.  Try to take one of the Premium versions if you can.  If that is outside your budget then go for the standard version of just one bottle per month.  (Be careful to select the correct version.  The Premium version needs two bottles a month whereas the standard is only one bottle)

The reason why I suggest the Premium version is not so that you will spend more but rather that it really will give that bit extra in helping achieve objectives in this area.  Glycation being a case in point.  The Premium version is quite a lot more potent in this area…

Topical Skin Care

This is the easiest one of which to take action on in order to avoid the visible or superficial effects of aging, but it must be remember that without the other two factors being addressed it can only be a band aid…albeit an important one..

Many of us (men as well as women) spend a lot of money on skin care products.  It is easy to be seduced by persuasive adverts showing how wonderful a particular skin care products may be.  We have also become ‘educated’ to thinking that the more we pay on these products the better they must be!

But, is that really true?

Generally no!  In fact, if you examine closely the contents of skin care products you will usually fine that the more popular and expensive the brand the less really effective ingredients it contains.  This is the power of advertising and marketing at work to create a preconception in the consumers mind.  What is conveyed may not be reality at all.

So, what do we really need to look for in a skin care product?

Well, putting aside the value for money aspect there are two things that are important.

1.  Are the ingredients that it contains effective?  Do they address the three main causes of skin aging which are:

>> Loss of collagen and elastin
>> Lower levels of hyaluronic acid
>> Oxidation through the action of free radicals

Have a look at the ingredients.  Look then up on google and do some research as to whether there is any evidence to support their effectiveness.

2.  Are the ingredients safe?

You may be shocked if you research this area.  For example, one of the well known popular international brands actually contains a pesticide!

Another thing to look out for is whether the product contains fragrances.  They may smell nice but you really don’t want these fragrances on your skin.  They may smell like a flower but they are actually chemicals and the long term impact of them ‘seeping’ into your blood stream is still unknown.

Also, does the product contain parabens?  Parabens are a powerful preservative and is linked to possible cancer.  The big name brands use them because there is a long lead time from when the product is manufactured to when you buy it in the store, so they need these powerful preservatives…but, you don’t need them…in fact you don’t want them.

Check to see if the manufacturer is a signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.

There are skin care products that meet the above criteria, but you have to search for them…but, the end result makes it worth while and you will appreciate the effort when in later years you look at your face in the mirror.  After you have done your research then you can compare our Xtend-Life Skin Care products and if you do it objectively you will find that these offer not only the greatest benefits for your skin but also the best value for money.

On a final note, you may be wondering why I did not mention sun exposure.  This is because the damaging effects of the sun are grossly exaggerated…usually by those professional and companies with a vested interest!  In fact, many people now do not get enough sun and the negative impact of this is a deficiency of Vitamin D which has many negative health implications.

Skin care products should not contain an SPF factor as once again these are chemicals with potential long term negative results.  Only use a sunscreen when directly exposed to excessive sunlight, not as an every day habit.

If you follow these suggestions that I have outlined in this article you will not only look and feel better but enjoy a healthier life.

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