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Make Him Melt With Big, Doe Eyes

My eyes are very small. Are there any makeup tips to make them stand out more?


Eyeliner is the magic wand for creating the illusion of bigger, more expressive eyes. Line the entire top lash line and extend the line slightly at the corners. You can also line the bottom of your eyes, but concentrate color only on the outer third and extend it slightly past the edge. (We’re not talking Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra here.) A soft, smoky look will open your eyes more than a thin, hard line. Stick to dark, neutral colors with a hint of black for lining, as bright shades will only make them seem smaller.

Lashes can also be a great eye-opener. Curl them three times before applying mascara — at the base, halfway up and at the tip — to create a gentle, rounded curl. Fan out your lashes while applying mascara. Brush the inner third in toward your nose, the middle third straight out and the outer third toward your temples.

Contrary to popular belief, dark, dramatic eyeshadow will not make your eyes stand out. In fact, it’ll do just the opposite. If you have small eyes, keep it simple by using only light-colored shadows, and never wear more than two shades at once. Brush a subtle base color from lash to brow, and then use a slightly darker shade to create subtle definition in the crease.

How To Curl And Lengthen Your Eyelashes

Since we can’t all be blessed with long lashes, thank goodness mascara can make it look as if we were. Here is a very simple method of applying mascara for every day wear.

1. Draw wand out of mascara tube and remove access on a piece of paper towel.

2. Hold wand horizontally and slowly twirl as you move the brush from the roots to the tips.

3. To set curl, hold wand and lashes together at the tips for a several seconds.

4. Apply second coat before the first coat has dried to avoid clumping.

5. Apply mascara carefully to the bottom lashes, holding wand vertically.

6. While lashes are still wet, comb through the lashes (carefully) with a lash comb to separate each lash.


* Be sure to wash off your mascara each night. Not only will it smear during the night, you won’t be able to apply more until your lashes are free from the old mascara.
* Mascara is a breeding ground for germs. Be sure to replace it every three months.
* Never pump the wand into the tube. This procedure only adds air to the mascara, drying it out.

Different Eyeliner Applications

Close-Set Eyes:
Line outer third of upper lids with gray,brown, or black liner. Smudge gently. Use a lighter liner on the inner eye to widen the space between eyes.

Small Eyes:
Draw a dark line gradually thickening at outer edge of the eye. Use a light-colored pencil (gold, silver, white) and draw under lower lash.

Deep-Set Eyes:
Line upper lash line with pale, shimmery liner. Then line outer edge of lower lash with a soft, neutral shade (gray or taupe). This will create the illusion of a less heavy lid.

Drooping Eyes:
Line outer third of eye very close to lashes, carefully sweeping the liner up at the corner of the eye.

So the eyeliner is too harsh?

If you don’t like the sharpness of your eyeliner, you can soften it using your eye shadow brush by adding a little powder shadow of a similar shade.

Using an eyeshadow pencil…

You should not draw the pencil across your eyelid as this could cause stretching of the skin.

Instead, apply the color to the palm of your hand, then pick up some of the color with your pinky and apply gently to your eyelid.

Eyeshadow That Stays

Melting eyeshadow is a problem for many women, but there is a way to make it “stick” a little longer.

If you use a damp eyeshadow brush and apply a layer of face powder to your lids and allow to set, the shadow will stay in place for the day.
Takes an extra second or so but the effort is well worth it.

Younger looking eyes…

The first step is to reduce fine lines. So apply a little eye cream on the brow bone and under the eye.

Next dab on a concealer that matches your skin tones.

The last step is to line the eye with a white pencil just beneath the lash line. This will give the impression of larger and brighter eyes. :-)

How To Apply Fake Eyelashes

Applying fake lashes is best left to your makeup artist, but with a little patience and practice, you too can master this art. So don’t try it five minutes before leaving to a big party. Andrea lashes are great and they are available inexpensively at the drugstore.

Keep a piece of paper handy to hold the lashes, and a magnifying mirror, which makes the job a lot easier.

Using a tweezer, dip the base end of the lashes into the glue, then place the lashes as close to the baseline of your own as you can, filling in wherever you want the greatest impact (generally, the mid to outer lashes look fabulous in false lashes). Press gently, but firmly with something blunt. Hold the lash in place for about 5 seconds until the glue has a chance to hold.

Let the glue dry, and then apply a dark eyeliner to camouflage the line of the fake lashes and then apply your mascara. The mascara will help blend your own lashes with the fake ones, and make your eyes look fuller and larger.

To remove, gently pull them off with tweezers.

Lining Eyes

It takes steady hands and the near precision of a neurosurgeon to put on eyeliner. We asked makeup artist Pamela McNeally for the tips that will save you 4 years of medical school:

* Dust a sheer, loose powder on the upper and lower lids so the eyeliner sticks better. If you are going to curl your lashes, do it now. (Otherwise you could smudge the line.)
* Choose the right formula. For a cleanstraight line, use a liquid version (try one with felt tip, like those from Lancome or L’Oreal). To create a softer, more subtle line, pencils are best.
* Rest your elbow on a hard surface to minimize shaking. Start in the middle of the eyelid, and drag the liner to the inner corner of the eye, drawing as close to the lashes as possible. Go back to the center of the of the eyelid and repeat the process outward.
* To make your eyes look smoky, dab eye shadow (in a similar shade) over the line and lightly fan it out. This will also help the liner stay in place.
* If the liner smudges, don’t reapply more. Instead, clean up the line with a dampened Q-tip.

The Perfect Lash

The final touch to your eye makeup is the lash. Try to always use an eyelash curler. It will make your eyes look wider, more alert, and more youthful. It’s like an instant eye lift. Always curl lashes befor applying mascara.

* Lightly powder lashes to give mascara a coat to cling to.

* Heat eyelash curler with hair dryer for a few seconds. It will act like a curling iron for the eyes.

Hint: Curl twice for a rounded curl. Place the open curl near the lash roots and arrange your lashes between the two rims. Squeeze gently for thirty seconds. Squeeze again at mid-lash for another thirty-seconds. It looks very natural.

* Give upper lashes a second coat of mascara, concentrating on the tips by stroking the brush horizontally across the lash. Never wait when applying second coat of mascara to lashes. Mascara, especially waterproof mascara, dries quickly and can clump.

* Lightly coat lower lashes.

How To Match Eye Shadow With Your Eye Color

Need an eyeshadow shade that looks cool with your eye color? Here’s help.


1. Tried and True: taupe, gray, violet, purple, deep blue (a darker shade than your eye color makes your eyes really blue), black (mix it with bright blue for a smoky effect)

2. Funky Favorites: silver, turquoise, fuschia (brightens any shade of blue)


1. Tried and True: brown, apricot, purple, plum, deep khaki or forest green (because they are in the same greenish family, they brighten green eyes)

2. Funky Favorites: gold, lime-green, really light green, bright purple (super modern)


1. Tried and True: copper, bronze, champagne (soft pink with a touch of apricot), brown (for a doe-eyed look), beige, and khaki-green (lighter shades add highlight)

2. Funky Favorites: tangerine, royal blue, hot pink, lime-green (the contrast adds punch to brown)


1. Tried and True (Classic): navy or charcoal base to define and a powder-blue shadow for highlighting (it brightens your brow bone so any eye color pops)

2. Funky Favorites: silver-sparkle shadow makes all eyes look edgy

Remedy For Puffy Lidded Eyes or Eyes With No Defined Crease

1. Apply a touch of black eyeshadow in the center of the upper lashline.

2. Sweep a taupe or natural color eyeshadow over the crease and slightly above it.
…..(Remember, we’re working with minimal space here…not Cher’s lids! )…..

3. Use an eyeshadow shade that’s lighter on the browbones and lids.

That way, when the light hits your peepers, the highlighted area of the eyes will stand out as the crease appears, well, creased! The upper lids lined with black shadow in the center provides a contrast with the highlighted lid to create more visible lids.

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