Electric vs Manual Razor

Shaving. Most men do it. Even if they are growing a beard or other facial hair there are areas that need trimming and shaping. Some shave their face, other’s shave their chest and still others are plagued by hair growing on the back of their neck.

Research has been around since ancient times when men used tools sharpens to shave off hairs. Today there are enough options to satisfy every man but most still ask a question-which is best, electric or manual?

The answer to that question truly live in the personal needs of each individual male, their skin type and hair type. Electric razors tend to shave the hair away faster from the face than manual razors. They work by rolling up the skin and forcing the hair off before cutting them. This results in a decreased need to go over the same area as many times to get a close shave. They are heavier than a manual razor but just as portable and some can be used with batteries.

Men who used an electric razor do not require special grooming items such as shaving cream, gels or even water. With specific attachments they can accurately shave facial hair, beards, mustaches and side burns as well as trim these areas. Other men also find that electric razor reduces the risk of nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs.

However while the electric razor choirs less shaving and is just as portable it does not shave as closely as a manual razor and so men with a normal to heavy facial hair growth will have to shave more frequently. Using an electric razor also takes practice but still is a bit safer than manual shaving. And, while they are portable they require an electric outlet or recharged batteries so that shaving can be completed before the razor dies. Electric razors also require maintenance and cleaning that a manual razor does not.

Manual razors will give a man the closest shave possible for a longer period of time than other razors. This is a real benefit to men who have heavy growth and then may only require shaving once a day as opposed to twice a day. They’re very easy to use and the blades and equipment are easily replaced.

In order to use the manual blade the gentleman will require something to soften the hair and beard on their face-shaving cream, shaving gel or soap. But even with these extra personal care items a manual razor is still easy to travel with, to clean and is usually the cheapest and most cost-effective option.

The blades on a manual razor must be replaced every four to five shaves and in the case of an individual who experiences an increased risk of ingrown hairs they must be replaced every two to three shaves. Using a manual razor will increase the risk of getting cut and can be a bit less versatile since they require water.

Today men have the option of dual edge or double-edged razors as well as a single edge razor. The double-edged razor is the most cost-effective and better for men who are prone to ingrown hairs because it cuts more closely to the skin. Although shaving handles themselves tend to be expensive the blades often cost less than $.50 apiece.

No matter which laid you choose to make sure the razor is clean and sharp. On an electric razors screens must be lifted off and cleaned to ensure the best possible cuts. When shaving using an electric razor move the razor in the opposite direction of the hair growth, against the grain. When using a manual razor use the blade in the direction of the hair growth. For instance, when shaving the face man using an electric razor will move the blade up the face and a man using a manual blade will move the blade down the face.

Whether an electric razor or manual razor is the best to use can only be determined by the individual man. Based on what type of skin and he has, whether he is at high risk for ingrown hairs or suffers from bouts of acne will all determine which delayed will work best for his particular situation. Thankfully, manufacturers have a number of different choices whether they are manual or electric, to meet the needs of almost everyone out there.

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