Different Types of Skin Rashes

Literally, a Rash means the growth of some red bumps on your skin caused by irritation to the skin. As the effect, the skin may become swollen, itchy and bumpy. Generally, skin Rashes are not contagious and are triggered by external material such as dust, food, dry air, animal dander, certain fabrics and many more. There are several reasons behind the development of these skin Rashes. Some skin Rashes are merely because of the dry Skin Condition, some may be caused by skin Allergies or infection, and some may even cause by the growth of fungus on your skin.

Dry Skin Rashes are the most common Rashes among all. If you belong to the category of those having Dry Skin, then you might have bigger chances of developing skin Rashes because being dry, your skin will be easily irritated, especially during the cold, dry months of the year. Prevent Dry Skin Rashes by drinking sufficient water and apply adequate amount of Moisturizer. Some Dry Skin Rashes are however, hereditary. In this particular case, external environment does not play an important role in causing it, just in triggering it. In the case of hereditary Dry Skin Rashes, skin becomes extremely itchy and inflamed, causing redness, swelling, cracking, weeping, crusting, and scaling. This type of Rashes comes and goes, often for no obvious reason.

Some standard treatment involves simple routine that you need to follow. People who suffer from Dry Skin Rashes or have the tendency to develop Dry Skin Rashes should avoid hot or long (more than 10 to 15 minutes) baths and showers. It is recommended to bath using lukewarm water as it helps to cleanse and Moisturize the skin without drying it excessively. Choose mild bar Soap or non-Soap Cleanser because Soaps can be drying to the skin. After bathing, apply moisturizes onto the skin to avoid dryness. In the case of severe Dry Skin Rashes, consult physician for further treatment.

Another type of skin Rashes is a Rash brought on by contact with a specific material which causes Allergy on the skin. These skin Allergies can be anything from animal dander, certain fabric to poison ivy and jewelry containing nickel. In general, this type of skin Rashes only affects those parts of the skin which comes into contact with the material causes the Allergy. One of the best ways to stay away from the skin Allergies is to prevent it from happening by knowing what causes the Allergic reaction and avoid any direct contact with whatever material that causes it.

Other than Dry Skin Rashes and skin Allergies, there is also a Rash caused by fungal infections. Tough this type of skin Rashes is not as common as its counterpart; you still need to be cautious as both people with good hygiene and bad hygiene can get this Rash. When you get fungal skin Rashes, treat it with some anti fungal cream which can be easily found at neighborhood drugstore.

Whatever Rashes you have, remember not too scratch it, as scratching only make things worse. Just be patient and treat them accordingly, and if things got worse, immediately consult a physician.

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