Choosing the right Mens Fragrance

Imagine walking into the department store and being faced with tens, if not hundreds, of choices for a men’s fragrance. Oh wait! You don’t have to imagine because if you walk into any department store selling fragrance that is exactly what you’ll be faced with. There are a few things to learn before being able to pick out the fragrance that highlights your best features – so let’s get started.

First you should know that there are several different options available in the strength of the fragrance. Aftershave is a fragrance that is used exclusively on the face when the pores have been opened from shaving. It is designed to act like an astringent, cleaning the pores in any cuts which may have been made. Some also contain moisturizers or if essential oils.

Cologne is a fragrance that is used over the body and comes in three different strengths. The first is a Eau de Colgne which is the strongest, the second is Eau de Toilette in the third and least strongest is Eau de Parfum. The different strains contain a different percentage of fragrant oils. Eau de Colgne has between 3% and 8% in the actual scent will actually last between two and four hours without reapplication.

Gentlemen who want to a slight fragrance throughout the day and want to be branded by their scent should use Eau de Colgne. The same scent can be layered using aftershave, especially if you’re prone to nix or cuts. Aftershave can also help with blackheads or clogged pores and some fragrances come with moisturizer that can be used to keep the skin healthy and layer the scent at the same time.

All men’s fragrances are divided into one of six different categories. There is a classic scent often a mixture of wood, spice and Amber notes; Oriental which is a mix of citrus and light wood fragrances; Marine which is a mix of birch, Cedar lemon and a possible sharp note of Oriental exotics; fruity; citrus, tobacco and spicy.

Once you have an idea of the strength of the scent you want to use all day long it’s time to go shopping. Fragrances are as much a gift for yourself as they are for your partner, spouse or the people who share your office. Some men consider them an afterthought but they are truly the final touch in a well-dressed man, whether he is dressed in sweats or a three-piece suit.

When entering the department store do not allow the woman behind the counter to spritz you with all kinds of cologne. This practice only puts too many layers of cologne on your body. After two or three you truly will not have any idea how each of the new ones will smell because of the layering effects over the others.

Instead, ask for your chosen fragrances to be sprayed on a card so that you can get a good idea of the bottles true fragrance. After you have smelled several you will find that everything hands the smells the same. This is a neurological event which occurs when the body has been inundated with too much information and the cologne has been deposited on the nasal hairs.

Take a deep breath and walk around the department store for at least 10 minutes. This gives your nasal hairs a time to clear in your brain time to reevaluate information.

If you’re considering the scent for someone else it is important that the fragrance match the temperament of the person who is wearing it. Fragrances will actually match personalities and tag an individual with specific characteristics. Before you have even said hello you will have given off a sense of success by the fragrance you have worn.

A classic sense is wonderful for a young man who is confident. The Oriental base creates a toning effects and is a rich spicy perfume while the Marine scent is steady and tinged with a touch of tenderness and maturity. Fruity scents are good for men who are purposeful and happy with their everyday lives while citrus and spicy scents are trendy and energetic. The tobacco-based fragrance is good for men who prefer casual style, are romantic and fair.

Once you’ve walked around the store it’s time to go back and try on one or two on your body. The fragrance will mix with your own natural body scent and produce a unique scent that only you can ever give off. For this reason, some fragrances work well and others will end up smelling nothing like what came out of the bottle.

Purchasing a bottle of cologne for someone other than yourself can present specific challenges. Large high-end department stores will often offer return policies on fragrances which are purchased for a gift. Take advantage of this since the cologne you pick out for your male friends may end up smelling better on you than it does on him.

As the chemistry of the fragrance is much more complex than what we might imagine they often change as time passes. What you smell in the first 15 minutes will not be the same as how it smells after one hour or two. Eliminate colognes that smelled bad on your body and return a day or two later in order to sample a selection you have left from your original choices.

The perfect fragrance for your natural body scent will brand you as successful, interesting and definitely a man.

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