Healing Varicose Veins

Healing Varicose VeinsOur natural formula will diminish the appearance of your varicose veins

Heal Varicose Veins is specially formulated with 100% natural essential oils, extracted from plants. All of our essentials oils are produced from the best possible source. The formula is designed specifically for pregnant and nursing mothers and is gentle, free from pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers and is completely organic.

Heal Varicose Veins is formulated to reduce unsightly varicose or spider veins anywhere on the body, as well as relieve the symptoms associated with the condition.

What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose Veins, most commonly referred to as “Spider Veins“, are veins in the body that become enlarged and discolored. Varicose veins most often occur on the back of the legs, along the ankle or calf, but can appear almost anywhere on the body.

Varicose veins are generally a dark purple or blue in color and can be found in many different shapes and sizes. They often twist up and down the skin, which is why they are known as “spider veins.”

While most people do not experience any kind of pain or discomfort from spider veins, varicose veins can cause pain and discomfort in some people. Such pain may include: achy legs, muscle cramping, “heavy” feeling in the legs, burning, throbbing, swelling and itching.

For the majority of people, varicose veins are simply a cosmetic concern. Up to 15 percent of men and 25 percent of women are affected with varicose veins in the United States alone.

Heal Varicose Veins is perfect for your condition!

How do I use Heal Varicose Veins?

Heal Varicose Veins is topically applied directly to the veins, as well as to the soles of the feet using a small amount of formula on a Q-Tip or on your finger.

The constituents of Heal Varicose Veins have been proven to eliminate the symptoms as well as the appearance of varicose veins.

Full instructions will be included with your product

Heal Varicose Veins FAQ

Q. How do I apply the product?

A. The formula is applied topically to the condition as well as massaging one drop under the feet, in the arch. With a few drops of the formula on your fingers, stroke the legs gently working upwards from ankle to thigh Apply 3 times a day.

Q. How soon will I see results?

A.The healing process differs from person to person. The formula will help to eliminate the symptoms and discomfort of varicose veins. Continue to use throughout your pregnancy and for a few months after giving birth.

Q. How can I prevent varicose veins?

A. Walking is recommended to stimulate blood flow. Once a day lie in your bed for 15 minutes with your feet propped up higher than your head, this will help to stimulate blood flow through your entire body

Tips to help prevent varicose veins during pregnancy:

* Plenty of rest to alleviate the pressure on your veins.

* Sleep where possible on your left side. This will decrease the pressure on the largest vein in your body (the vena cava) which is on the right side.

* Keep feet elevated as much as possible both when sitting and sleeping. This helps to increase the blood flow.

* Maternity hose can be very beneficial. This should be put on before standing up after you get out of bed in the morning.

* Frequent exercise increases the blood flow and improves circulation. A short brisk walk of some 15 minutes will be a great help.

* Avoid crossing your legs when sitting.

* Try not to stand for long periods.

* Try to keep within the recommended weight range for your stage of pregnancy

* Eat a low-salt diet which is right in high-fiber foods. Such foods include fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, like bran.

How long does Heal Varicose Veins take to work?

The healing process differs from person to person. The formula will help to eliminate the symptoms as well as alleviate the discomfort from your varicose veins. The formula will diminish the appearance and symptoms of varicose veins within several weeks.

Heal Varicose Veins is topically applied three times per day to the affected areas and to the soles of the feet. The formula is absorbed into the blood stream and works with the immune system to promote healing and improve circulation.

Heal Varicose Veins Testimonials

I am very fussy about my looks and when I got pregnant I was worried as we have a history in our family of varicose veins. I knew I had to do something to stop those ugly veins so I checked on line and I ordered your product. I also found out all the things you can do to stop them happening in the first place and I followed all the tips.

All was going well until the final trimester when I noticed varicose veins appearing around my ankles. They were not so bad but still ugly. I had my product Heal Varicose Veins ready to use which of course I did. It took a few weeks for them to completely disappear but it was worth the effort and now I am proud of my looks again and ready to give birth shortly.

Kerry – Ann Arbor, MI

I got a real shock when I found I had varicose veins in my private parts area. I did not know what to do. But my doctor told me they were caused by my enlarged uterus pressing against all my major veins in my pelvic region. He told me not to worry too much about them as they should go away a few months after giving birth but he did advise me to eat a low salt diet rich in high fiber foods and to elevate my legs when resting as much as possible.

I went on line and found out more ways to help these varicose veins plus the product which you sell as a natural spider vein treatment. I like to use natural products whenever I can so this was a big plus for me. I thought I would give it a go. I had to apply the Heal Varicose Veins to my veins and to the soles of my feet 3 times a day. I used a mirror so I could see what I was doing but it was okay and after about 3 weeks the veins had gone. I was surprised because I did not really think it would help. Even then I made sure to keep applying the oil to the soles of my feet right up until I went into labor.

Now I have my beautiful baby girl and I don’t have to worry about veins any more…..until the next time.

Kim – Natchez, MS

I have put on a lot of weight with my pregnancy and I have put this weight on quickly. And then I found I had varicose veins and swelling at the back of my legs. They made me tired – well even more tired than I was already.

I was still working part-time so I checked on my work computer to see if I could find something to help. I saw there was your product which I could order on line called Heal Varicose Veins. And I started using this. I also rested as much as I could and I slept with a pillow under my feet.

It took a few weeks to help me and I had stopped work and was home all the time by then but I suddenly found that my legs were looking good again. Thank you for a good job done.

Ashleen – Sacramento, CA

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