Applying MakeUp The Right Way

You own the best makeup money can buy. You thumb through fashion magazines to study the faces of those stick-thin, runway models. You spend two hours each morning putting on your face. And, you still don’t look right. What’s a girl got to do to look good around here?

Lights, camera, action…consider three things:

What’s the lighting in your make-up area? Adjust it, and you may find that you’re better able to cover your flaws and accentuate your attributes.

Picture yourself. Is the look you’re struggling to attain realistic for you? The supermodel-look you’re using to create your own makeup style may not be at all like you.

Look for famous faces with features similar to your own.

What colors and products do your look-alikes use with success Try modeling yourself after realistic ideals.

Are you using the right colors and products?

Learn from the pros…take a lesson. Spend a half hour with a professional makeup stylist. Visit a department store beauty counter. Ask a well-put together friend for a tutorial. Take notes. Here are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind.

Foundation Careful selection of color is essential. Remember, what looks good in January, may not in August.

Reevaluate color often.

Apply with sponge or fingertips. Dot foundation in the shape of a ‘T’ from forehead to chin. Then blend outward. Don’t apply pressure to skin. Be sure you don’t leave a ‘defining line’ along your jaw line.

Blend any line with a tissue.

Eyes Eye shadow is available in complementing multi-tone color combinations. It’s a good idea to buy these sets, rather than individual colors, if you don’t trust your own beauty know-how.

Swipe applicator across lightest color, tap off excess powder, and sweep across lid to brow bone working from the inside out. Accent with medium tone from middle of lash to outer edge of eyes. For a smoky, night time look, use a third color as an accent. Blend colors with your pinky.

Cheeks Using a full-sized blush brush, apply blush to brush, tap off the excess, smile and sweep color gently from apple of cheek to temple. Soften color with a tissue, if needed.

Powder Loose powder sets make-up and extends its wear. Gently dust your made-up face.

Lips Last Liner and lipstick are your last step. Apply and blot with a tissue.

Less is more…really! Avoid looking overly made up. Too much make-up can look worse than the flaws it’s intended to hide.

Practice, practice, practice. Do you remember how much fun it was to play with make-up as a child? Recapture that fun. Play around with different looks.

You don’t know how something will look until you try it. But, save the experiments for a slow day. Your sister’s Wedding day is no day for a new you.

About the Author

Allison Saunders is a MAC qualified Make-up Artist and the author of an amazing new course, “Hollywood Makeup Secrets” a step-by-step simple video system for maximizing your inner and outer beauty potential. You can learn more about Allison, and subscribe to her free newsletter by visiting Here

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