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Beating the Flu Bug


Beating flu bugDo you feel as if you were run over by a bus, do you feel so sick you’re really afraid you’re going to die, or even more to the point do you feel so ill you’re afraid you won’t die?

If you’re suffering from achy limbs and body, your head is throbbing and your temperature is through the roof, then welcome to the Flu!

The flu is a real beast, and it has many sides to it. Although there are only three main types, Influenza A, B, and C, they have an unfortunate ability to mutate into thousands of different forms so whilst you have immunity to the strain you had last year, it’s not necessarily the fact that you will have the same immunity this year.

Is there an escape from the flu? Well maybe (it depends), and yes there are some precautions you can take which will help you either get over the flu or prevent you getting it in the future.  But unfortunately when the flu bug has you in it’s clutches, there just isn’t much you can do about it and you’ll be down for the count.

If you’re hoping that when you’ve dragged yourself to the doctors he will prescribe you antibiotics, then think again. The flu is a viral infection and antibiotics just simply don’t work on viruses. It’s only if it progresses to a bacterial infection that you will find antibiotics will do you any good.

Stay at home

The flu is very infectious and it spreads like wildfire. If you like to play the Martyr or you’re a workaholic and you go into work you’ll do more harm than good because you’ll just give everyone else it.

Stay at home until at least a couple of days after your temperature has returned to normal and if your children have the flu, keep them at home from school until they’ve fully recovered.

Ensure you get plenty of rest. Don’t try to beat the flu, go with it. (You’ll probably be too sick to fight it anyway). Bed rest is essential so make sure you get plenty. Bed rest lets your body combat the flu virus. If you’re still active whilst trying to get rid of the flu, will weaken your defences and open you up to possible complications of the flu.

Don’t stint on the pain relief, but don’t overdo it either. You can take aspirin, paracetamol or brufen to reduce your temperature headache and body aches that accompany the flu but make sure you don’t take more than the recommended dosage. (Read any labels carefully)

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