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Baths are the most common form of therapy, they are easily accessible and a wonderful way to get rid of the days stresses and body aches.

When we feel nervous, depressed, fatigued, restless, and even can’t sleep, what do we do, go take a bath. It is the one sure way to get a good nights sleep. It even calms the mind and can put you into a meditative state, if allowed. So, lets’ look at some of the benefits of the many different types of therapy [ie healing].

When it comes to putting aromantic scents into your bath, there is one that is most commonly used. It is called concoct. It is an aromatic oil and you sprinkle only a few drops into your bath. Then you soak. The aromatic essence, which is so powerful it actually needs dilution in gallons of water so that the body will not be overpowered, permeates you. It cleans your skin, clears your pores, and penetrates your interior.

Your skin, remember, is an organic substance itself. It lives and breathes and allows an oil to enter. When that oil courses throughout your body, it slowly, subtly, renders its majick, according to its properties. It may heat you up; it may cool you down. It may awake you; it may make you sleepy. It may relax your tired muscles, soothe your stomach, or allow you to concentrate or drowse. There’s no part of the body that it cannot reach, there is no part of the body it cannot affect.


After you have taken a bath and cleansed your skin and open your pores, you can get a massage. As oils are rubbed into your pores, and, exactly like their counterparts in the bath, they become an invading caverly to bring you much need relief.

Massages are the heart and soul of aromatherapy. All are useful in the area of a simple physical pleasure, makes your skin look good, a pleasent fragrance, you feel better. To go deeper, it is soothing to your mind, soul, and body. This is one of the best ways to restore balance within.


When in a sauna you sweat and feel all the fatigue leaving your body. Feelings of negativity are seeping away from your pores. There are regular saunas and there are aromatherapy saunas. After you have cooled off and are in a state of extraordinary receptivity, you’ll be oiled and massaged. You body has exhaled all unwanted vapors; now it is time to inhale the aromatic essences. These penetrate just as the massage would do, but they work in a more powerful way.


Incense have been used since the time of Egypt, not merely because of the aromatic aroma, bracing or hynotic, but also it is therapeutic and antiseptic. It is known to lulled on to sleep, calm anxieties, and brighten dreams; There is a recipe from Ebers papyrus of the Eighteenth dynasty, approx thirty~five hundred years old, bears a remarkable resemblance to a formula for a modern~day facial pack. The high priests in Egypt were history’s first true aromatherapists.

Hundreds of recipes abound, each aimed at a different result and state of mind, but in order to effect real changes in consciousness for the body, the incense must be natural and organic, not compounded of synthetic materials. The life force extracted naturally from selected plants is naturally introduced into the body, where it naturally does the work of soothing, relaxing, healing, toning, and restoring the harmony that was lost. Balance is what lies in the very heart of it, but nothing will happen if the ingredients are fake.

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