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Basic Cream Recipe


* 2 oz solid fat -such as Crisco (really), coconut oil, cocoa butter or lanolin
* 5 oz oil -use your calendula oil for diaper rash, etc., try chamomile for face or body cream, plain almond, olive, or any other non-drying oil is fine
* 2 oz distilled water -try rose or orange flower water from a middle eastern grocery store, or plain distilled water is fine
* 1 tsp (approximately) beeswax -shave or grate before use
* 3-5 drops essential oil, if desired for fragrance or effect

Gently melt solid fat, wax and oil over double boiler or carefully in microwave; use low heat and stir until blended. Remove from heat.

Put water into blender or mixer bowl and agitate. While water is spinning, slowly pour the oil, fat, wax mixture into the water. Continue mixing until emulsified. You may notice a distinct change of sound as the cream congeals. Remove cream, while still warm, into clean containers and leave open until completely cool. Label each jar with contents and date, be sure to note date your herbal oil was made if it is much older than your cream.

Store in a cool, dark place; should stay fresh for a year or so. Sniff before using and look for mold after 6 months. If the oil and water separate, just stir before using.

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