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Basic Body Butter/Lotion Bar Recipe



* 1 Part  Beeswax
* 1 Part  Cocoa OR Shea Butter
* 1 Part  Carrier Oil
* 1 Part  Skin-Safe Fragrance or Essential Oil


** Do not use both Cocoa Butter & Shea. Cocoa Butter will make a slightly harder bar, Shea Butter will make a slightly softer bar. ** Add Beeswax, Carrier Oil of choice and Butter of choice to a microwave safe container.

A Pyrex Measuring Glass works best for cleanup purposes. Melt in 20 second increments until all is melted. Stir well. Add Fragrance of Essential Oil, and stir well.

Pour in a Melt & Pour Soap mold, Push Up Stick, or Deodorant Container and let harden overnight.

** This recipe can also be used for Lip Balm, by using a Skin-Safe Flavor Oil instead of the Fragrance of Essential Oil. **

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