Balancing Chakra Bath

Colored Light Meditation

Every day I give myself a bath, well that too, but this is a colorful light bath that clears and balances my chakras. I use it at the beginning of my day to protect myself and set my intentions.

Balancing Your Chakras in a Color Bath

Begin by sitting comfortably. Take a deep breath in through your nose, and exhale out through your mouth. Do this three times. Now begin by picturing the white light of God and of Universal love swirling around you in a counter-clockwise motion, starting at your feet, and moving up towards your head. Picture this motion of white light going around you three times, each time starting at the bottom of your feet and moving upwards.

Next, start a little bit above your head, picture a purple (crown chakra – which brings in spirit) light swirling around, try counter-clockwise, if that doesn’t quite feel right, trying move the purple light in a clockwise motion.

How does it feel? Does it move easily, or does it feel hard to move the purple light around? If it feels “stuck” keep picturing this purple light moving in the direction you have chosen clockwise or counter-clockwise. Now take that purple light and picture it swirling around your body, swirling down toward your feet and back up again going in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion. Once you have done this, you can move on, the purple light may be moving with ease, or feel heavy and stuck. The heavy or stuck feeling just means that the chakra is unbalanced, but the more you work at this on a daily basis, the more it will open up and balance and begin to move with ease.

Moving the different color lights in a clockwise motion brings in energy to that chakra, moving the different color lights in a counter-clockwise motion repel incoming energy or protect that chakra.

Now let’s move to the area on the forehead which is the third-eye chakra (which is your intuitive area). Begin by picturing an indigo color light in a circular motion clockwise or counter-clockwise, whichever “feels” easier or better. Picture it moving until you feel that it is clear or moving in an easy motion, now take that indigo light and swirl it around your body, in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion down to your feet and back up to your head.

You can move the light up and down your body, once you feel you have finished with that particular chakra and are ready to move on.

Next is the throat area (throat chakra, which holds anger and the ability to speak up for oneself). Picture a light blue light going in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion. Same as above until it moves with ease or you feel you need to move on. Don’t expect all these chakras to have a “clear” or “easy” feeling the first time you do this. It may take several times before the chakras will change and become clear and balanced (the color moving with ease). Picture the blue light swirling around your body in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion down your body to your feet and back up again to your head.

The chest area, which is known as the heart chakra (which is the center of love for self, and being able to love). This color is pink or green. Pick one of the colors and picture it moving in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion. When you are ready you can then swirl it around your body and down to your feet and back up to your head.

The diaphragm chakra (located right below your breastbone or in the stomach area) is the color of yellow, and relates to emotional issues, once again picture the yellow going clockwise or counter-clockwise. When you are ready you can then swirl it around your body and down to your feet and back up to your head. Different chakras may move in different directions. They do not all have to go in the same direction, and will not always be the same, let your intuition be your guide.

The belly chakra color is orange (this relates to sexuality) repeat sequence as stated above. Moving the color light clockwise or counter-clockwise and then down and up the body.

Lastly the root chakra color is red and located in the pelvic area (this relates to safety and security in all aspects of life).

Swirl the color light in the chakra area and then down and up the body.

This meditation should begin to bring in healing colors and light into your spiritual being to help you to cope and deal with different aspects of your life in a more meaningful way.

You will be more peaceful, life will make more sense, you will be spreading your rainbow of light out toward other people around you, and they will respond to you in a more positive way.

Another way in which I use this tool is to do this to friends and family who are having a difficult time. This is called distant healing. I can picture the person in my mind’s eye and send them the white light. I picture the white light starting at their feet and swirling it around their body three times. I then use the different color lights relating to each chakra; purple, indigo, light blue, pink or green, yellow, orange, and red, using each color light and swirling it around their chakra and then down and up their body. I’m often told they feel more relaxed and more peaceful and better able to handle what is currently going on in their lives at that moment.

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