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When Bad Breath Comes From Mouthwash


Did you know that your mouthwash can give you bad breath? Would you have thought it possible that your toothpaste may be a culprit in the losing battle you are fighting against halitosis? You may be surprised to learn that the very oral hygiene products you are using to combat bad breath are actually causing it!

Bad breath refers to the noticeable smell of the breath when exhaled. It sometimes reminds of the sulfuric compounds present in stink bombs. This smell is produced by bacterial activity in your mouth. Bacteria are needed in the mouth to aid in digestion, and when they break down the food particles as the food is eaten, sulfuric compounds are released as part of their digestion process.

If you fail to remove the remaining food particles from your mouth after eating, the bacteria will continue to feast on those stuck between your teeth. The bacterial continue to emit the sulfuric compounds, and as a result, you will experience bad breath warnings from those close to you. The odds are good that you know this and go about removing the food and periodically also the bacteria with the help of toothpaste and toothbrush.

Therein lays the source of the next potential for bad breath: the use of oral hygiene products that may cause dry mouth. Some mouthwashes are made from alcohol. This is a known astringent and may lead to a drying of the oral mucous membranes. As this process takes place, the saliva needed to wash away the bacteria on a consistent basis is greatly reduced. The result is an overabundance of sulfuric compound emitting bacteria that continue to thrive in even the drying mouth.

Toothpaste also may present a problem if it contains the chemicals associated with suds production. Most commercially available toothpastes have these chemical substances and therefore may also contribute to a drying mouth rather than a healthy mouth.

It is crucial to read the labels of toothpastes and also mouthwashes you are considering for purchase. Alcohol based products and those with suds producing agents have not room in your medicine cabinet at home and should be avoided whenever possible.

In the alternative, there are natural oral care products which avoid these chemicals and instead seek to present a healthy mouth rather than a temporarily sweet smelling one. The problem with the chemicals is not only the creation of the dry mouth, but also the temporary nature of the healthy and clean mouth smell which is most certainly appealing, but comes at a high cost.

Avoiding the problem is only possible if you choose to also avoid the products that cause them. Initially you may find that the scent of natural toothpaste is not as appealing as that of commercially available formulas, but if you remember that the chemically produced smell has nothing to do with the mouth’s actual health, letting go is easy to do.

Additionally, consider the money you will be saving on bad breath remedies such as breath strips and a variety of lozenges and candies!

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